100% Swissness. 100% Flexibility. 100% Performance.

Green Cloud - your
secure solution.

Your company data is your most valuable asset. That is why when developing our cloud services, we focused on more than scalability and performance. We aimed to set a new standard in security and availability with our solutions.

Cloud Services from green.ch are operated exclusively in our four data centers in Switzerland. These are connected by our redundant 10Gbit/s, layer 2, fiber optic ring. Thanks to more than 10 years of experience in storing sensitive company data, our infrastructure and services are optimally designed to meet the needs of demanding companies and are internationally certified.

At the same time, we use state-of-the-art virtualization technology to make sure that your applications work like you want them to. Green Cloud provides immediate, powerful resources, is flexibly scalable and easy to manage.

  • Local data storage in Switzerland
  • Compliance with Swiss Data Protection Directive
  • High performance thanks to deep network latency
  • Use of leading technologies
  • State-of-the-art, certified data center infrastructure
  • Georedundant solutions across several sites available
  • Highest availability Transparent, clearly calculable costs
  • Local support by green.ch








Single Point of Contact   Green Logo   Green Logo   System
integrations partner
Application area   Test systems,
business applications
  Critical business application   Solution architecture,
system integration-
Service hours   Monday - Friday
08.00 - 17.30 Uhr
  24x 7   Provided by partner
Hyper-V© ServerCloud*   99.7%   99.9%  
Response time
(during service hours)
  Less than 8 hours   Less than 2 hours  
Priority handling      
Availability applies to the green.ch data center infrastructure.
This includes the following layers: network, storage, hypervisor, virtualization and management console.
* To achieve 99.9% availability on the virtual server, the solutions on the customer end must be designed to provide comparably high level of availability.

The new cloud standard:
be 100% sure where your
data is stored.

Unlike other cloud providers, we rely exclusively on
our own infrastructure that we maintain ourselves.
This enables us to adhere to our quality standard and
guarantee 100% data storage in Switzerland.

Flex Cloud Rechenzentren

Green Cloud enables you to optimally cover all your requirements. from a simple virtual server to a complex server infrastructure. The following scenarios give you an idea of how you can use Green Cloud.

Virtual Server Wolke Consistent
  • Operation of a virtual server in Green Cloud for a business application.
  • Operation of an entire customer infrastructure with firewall, Active Directory, file server, and customer ERP in Green Cloud. Use of Shared Webhosting and Hosted Exchange from green.ch.
  • Operation of own local customer infrastructure. Parallel operation of backup data center in Green Cloud in case of a disaster.

Contact us, for other scenarios tailored to your needs.

59.– per

Find out more about our secure cloud solutions – Hyper-V ServerCloud.