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  • WordPress with useful, pre-installed plugins
  • 3 domains included
  • We create your website on requeste

WordPress Hosting

Basic features Installation of WordPress hosting with various premium plugins by an expert.
Personal training on how to successfully design your homepage and manage content.
Homepage setup/installation Included
Homepage design Not available
Image concept / image search
Not available
Training/introduction Included

one-time fee

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WordPress Hosting

Basic features We will create your homepage for you in accordance with your requirements.
Our experts will advise you in selecting colours and images.
Homepage setup/installation Included
Homepage design Included
Image concept / image search
Training/introduction Optional
CHF 290 / one-time fee

one-time fee

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  • Configure and optimise the settings for the fault-free and secure operation of your website
  • Installation of the key modules and themes

Security and protection
Various WordPress plugins for protecting your website are pre-installed and optimally configured. These measures provide a series of security features for ensuring improved security on your WordPress site. Any known harmful networks are blocked. The core files of WordPress are scanned to detect malicious manipulations. Attacks are blocked in real time and an integrated firewall is in place to eliminate other known security risks.

Training and introduction
Learn from proven experts how to create and edit your website yourself. You get to know the basics of WordPress and the pre-installed tools and get practical tips on presenting your website on the Internet in an optimum manner.

Swiss service & web hosting
WordPress hosting is a Swiss service according to the principle: "Simple and individual solution for every need". In combination with web hosting from green.ch the absolute Swiss solution.

Our reference

Tools you can rely on.

  • Forms
    Create eye-catching forms with just a few clicks. You can quickly click your way through creating order forms, registration forms, contact forms, etc. without any technical knowledge. Fill your forms with life and use conditional logic to provide features such as online offers.

  • Design templates
    We have preinstalled handpicked, high-quality premium themes from professional sources. You can of course install other design templates at any time.

  • Statistics and Analytics
    Display the key Google Analytics reports and statistics directly on the dashboard. The associated tracking code will be automatically added to all pages. You benefit from a range of general reports and can also track your users in real time.

  • Website construction kit
    The "Visual Composer Page Builder" or "Avia Framework" in the ENFOLD theme let you quickly create your website with just a few clicks and without any programming knowledge. You have full control over the website and can create any number of layouts that you can implement with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder.

  • Lead generation
    Expand your mailing or newsletter lists faster and in a more targeted manner than ever before. In just a few minutes, you can create appealing pop-ups or slide-ins that will help convert your website visitors to subscribers, social network fans, and customers.

  • Caching websites
    Each page of your website is cached for fast viewing. Fast display is essential for SEO and is the basis of a good conversion rate. Only images that are visible to the user will be cached. Most well-known websites (YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo!) use this technique. Minimization reduces the size of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files. The smaller the individual files, the faster they will be loaded.

  • Backing up your website
    You decide when your website should be completely backed up and where the backup should be stored. You have the choice of either saving the data directly in a protected subdirectory in your web directory or you can select an external provider such as Dropbox, S3, FTP, and others. You can restore the installation with a single ZIP file.

  • Multilingual website
    It is easy to create and operate multilingual websites. You can quickly and easily translate pages, articles, user-defined types, taxonomy, menus, and theme texts. You can even include a professional translation service directly on your website.

  • Security and protection
    Diverse WordPress plug-ins to safeguard your website are preinstalled and optimally configured. These measures provide a variety of security features to better protect your WordPress website. Known malicious networks are blocked. The core WordPress files are scanned to uncover malicious tampering. Attacks are blocked in real time and an integrated firewall eliminates other known security risks.

  • Optimized server
    Our WordPress-optimized servers provide many more resources than you need for your website. Speed counts.

  • Update Service
    Protect your website against misuse. WordPress updates are easy to install, but what happens when something goes wrong during installation and no usable backup is available? With the Update Service, we take care of updating the installed plug-ins, the themes, and the WordPress core files, including data backup and functional tests.

  • Training and introduction
    Learn from qualified professionals how to design and maintain your website yourself. You will learn the basics of WordPress and the preinstalled tools and also receive practical tips on how to optimally present your website on the Internet.

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  • From our web hosting offers choose between hosting for beginners to hosting for experts.