Professional protection against digital data loss

Protect data stored locally or in the cloud against loss with the Backup service.

All the advantages at a glance:

  • Full cost control
  • Back up an unlimited number of servers and clients
  • Central backup management
  • Software for Windows, Linux and Mac

Minimum package from:

CHF 200 per month including 1.5 TB storage

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Function   Description
Included in the basic price  
  • 1.5 TB storage
  • Local backup and cloud backup
Multi-client capability   Create different clients for each department or branch to better scale your business, increase your efficiency and lower your costs.
Flexible backup planning   Plan your backups on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. You determine the time at which backups are performed.
Unlimited retention period   You determine how long your backups remain on the server. Whether 2 months, 10 years or an unlimited time period. Everything is possible.
Backing up and restoring virtual hypervisor environments   greenBackup offers a high level of flexibility for backing up VMware vSphere / Microsoft Hyper-V / RHEV / Linux KVM / Citrix XenServer / Oracle VM Server environments.
Backing up and restoring applications   Back up your MS Exchange Server or your MSSQL database easily and conveniently thanks to the SQL and Exchange Agents.
Pre/post commands   Execute commands or scripts before or after a backup or data capture. Use this feature, for example to ensure the integrity of a database or to switch off the PC after the backup.
Multi-volume snapshot   Use multi-volume snapshots for backing up data spread over several volumes. This enables you to guarantee the consistency of the data in the backup. Performance management
Volume Shadow Copy Service   The VSS notifies all VSS-compliant applications that a backup is currently being started. This ensures that all data used by such applications is in a consistent state.
Backup validation   Check the recoverability of the data on each backup.
File filter   Include or exclude files in/from your backup which meet specific criteria.

Did you know?

For our Backup service we cooperate with Acronis, the leading developer of backup solutions.