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Virtual Datacenter.

Flexible, secure, and fair.

Today, no company can afford to have rigid structures. The virtual data center adapts to changes. You always have your data and your costs under control – for good business.

  • For full flexibility
  • Representation of your own organization
  • Managed and unmanaged firewall

Hyper-V© ServerCloud.

Powerful virtual server.

Hyper-V© ServerCloud is an economically priced, powerful virtual server for companies and system integrators whose applications have a constant demand.

  • For constant demand
  • Representation of your service structure
  • Optional firewall per server


Secure file sharing.

Your own file sync and share solution. Nextcloud combines the security of your own IT infrastructure with a convenient cloud solution for storing and sharing your data.

  • For simple file sharing
  • Independent servers are shared
  • Optional firewall per server