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Virtual Datacenter 

Professional service and full flexibility.

With the Virtual Data Center from, you draw high-performance, needs-based processing power from the secure data centers operated by You decide precisely how much processing power, RAM, storage and network bandwidth you need and can adjust these parameters at any time to meet your changing requirements.

  • Swiss data location in our own data centers
  • 99.9% availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Optional geo-redundant setup
  • Only the services actually used are billed
  • No traffic-based costs, making costs predictable
  • Attractive long-term subscription models

Embark on your journey into the cloud
with our basic package starting at CHF 320.00 per month

What is a
Virtual Datacenter?

A Virtual Datacenter provides processing power (CPU), RAM and data storage space as an infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Virtual machines (VM) can be run on this rented infrastructure and serve as the basis for your operating systems, databases, applications, networks and data.

All it takes is a few clicks and you can use this virtual private cloud solution to outsource complete IT infrastructures such as servers, RDS solutions, VPNs, security solutions and many other components – without the need for any additional investments. 

Virtual Datacenter - Cost effective.

Cost effective.

You only pay for what you use. Broken down into servers, disks and options.



Cutting-edge technologies (hyper-converged HW, SSD)
High availability

High availability.

99.9% availability thanks to a redundant network and server infrastructure.

Virtual Datacenter - Carefree


Hosted in Green’s high-security data center in Lupfig with 24/7 surveillance, can be expanded to a second data location in Schlieren.



Several server and OS configurations are possible.

Virtual Datacenter - Complete


High-performance platform, can be used as a geo-redundant solution across two data locations.
Virtual Datacenter - Individual


One project manager for consulting and support.

Virtual Datacenter - Secure


Your data is hosted in Switzerland and subject to Swiss law.
Virtual Datacenter - Monitored


Complete cost and consumption control over your resources at all times.

Virtual Datacenter - Simple


Online self-administration from anywhere, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

  • Choose from numerous configurations with 1 to 24 vCPUs and between 1 and 128 GB RAM to meet your specific needs
  • Freely configurable disk space on each server
  • Selection of OS templates (Windows 12, 16 and 19, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu). Other operating systems can be loaded via VDHX or ISO container
  • Snapshots to capture the system status
  • Top-rated performance thanks to cutting-edge technologies (hyper-converged hardware, SSD)
  • Fully redundant network and server infrastructure
  • Choice between geo-redundant SSD-tiered data storage and cheap basic storage space (locally redundant for non-critical applications)
  • 1 Gbit/s bandwidth including Internet connection
  • Individual cost control through cost center assignment of resources
  • Platform can be managed by several administrators with different rights
  • Optional: Managed firewall, managed by either or the customer
  • Optional: Backup in the Acronis backup cloud (in-house at Green AG)
  • Optional: Direct network connection to your colocation or other locations
  • Optional: On request, the Green Data Center in Schlieren can also be integrated to implement a fully geo-redundant solution across two Swiss data centers

Already included in the basic package:

  • Business SLA (24/7)
  • vNetwork (public IP network/28)
  • vNetwork LAN

Select the right server for your applications. All it takes is a few clicks in the portal to adapt your virtual machines to meet your changed requirements.

  • Resources can be ordered and configured at any time
  • Monthly billing on a daily basis
  • In the case of «powered-off VMs», only the storage space is calculated
  • Choice between geo-redundant SSD-tiered and locally redundant HDD disk space

Basic VM profiles

VM   RAM   Cores   Disk
D001-C1   1   1   SSD-tiered
D002-C1   2   1   SSD-tiered
D004-C2   4   2   SSD-tiered
D008-C2   8   2   SSD-tiered
D016-C4   16   4   SSD-tiered
D032-C8   32   8   SSD-tiered
D064-C12   64   12   SSD-tiered
D128-C16   128   16   SSD-tiered

Expanded VM profiles

VM   RAM   Cores   Disk
A001-C1   1   1   standard
A002-C1   2   1   standard
A004-C2   4   2   standard
A004-C4   4   4   standard
A008-C2   8   2   standard
A008-C8   8   8   standard
D004-C4   4   4   SSD-tiered
D008-C8   8   8   SSD-tiered
D016-C12   16   12   SSD-tiered
D032-C16   32   16   SSD-tiered
D048-C8   48   8   SSD-tiered
D048-C12   48   12   SSD-tiered
D064-C24   64   24   SSD-tiered
D096-C12   96   12   SSD-tiered
D096-C16   96   16   SSD-tiered

  • Monthly billing on a daily basis
  • Can be changed at any time in the portal

vNetwork Connect – the colocation connection  
vNetwork LAN – additional virtual LAN segments  
vNetwork Public – 11 additional public IPv4 addresses  

  • Monthly billing

Unmanaged Firewall (integrator/customer) FW/router (8NICs)  
Managed Firewall (Green) FW/router (8NICs)  

  • Monthly billing
  • Complete cost control
  • Back up an unlimited number of servers and clients
  • Central management of backups
  • Software for Windows, Linux and Mac

greenBackup Enterprise (incl. 1.5 TB) product details  

Select the Zurich West or Zurich City data center locations for your virtual data center’s VMs. All customer networks are transparent at both locations. (Layer 2)

+ high availability (HA)  

Microsoft software licenses

Are you interested in operating Microsoft products on your virtual server? Then you need a server software license (SPLA) from Microsoft. Order them simply and directly from!

SPLA stands for service provider license agreement. That means you simply rent the software license for your server through us and pay on a monthly basis. And of course only for licenses you actually use. Not only does this eliminate your acquisition costs, but you will always automatically be using the very latest software version.

Your advantages:
  • No acquisition costs: We buy the license and you rent it from us.
  • Complete cost control: You only pay for what you actually use.
  • High degree of flexibility: Your requirements can be adjusted on a monthly basis.

Please note:
CALs (client access licenses) are an integral part of each SPLA license. When using remote desktop services (RDS), you need additional licenses if you plan to use more than two CALs.

The following licenses are available:

Server licenses

License   Note  
Microsoft® SQL Server Standard Edition   CORE licensing1)
Microsoft® SQL Server1) Web Edition   CORE licensing1)
Microsoft® Windows Remote Desktop Services   only SAL licensing2)  

Application licenses

License   Note  
Microsoft® Office Standard   - Languages available:
DE, FR or EN
- only SAL2) licensing possible
- RDS license already included
Microsoft® Office Professional Plus   -

- only SAL2) licensing possible
- RDS license already included

1) CORE licenses: Products with CORE licenses are licensed per processor. A Microsoft SQL server operated on a quad-core cloud server must be licensed with two “2 Core” licenses. An unlimited number of users can access this SQL server.
2) SAL (subscriber access license): One SAL license is required for every user accessing a Microsoft product (e.g. Office). Licensing is therefore on a per-person basis, regardless of the number of users configured. If the SAL option is used, no separate server license is required. Example: In a company with five employees who all use a cloud server with Office, five SAL licenses must be ordered.


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VM and storage

Select the right server for your applications. In the portal, all it takes is a few clicks to adapt the virtual machines to changed requirements.
  • Completely redundant network and server infrastructure
  • Multiple server and operating system configurations possible
  • Cost efficient since only the services actually used are billed

Customized to your specifications - server profiles

Number of CPUs   1 - 24
Amount of RAM   1 - 128 GB
Activation   Within one business day

Basic package starting at CHF 320 (per month)