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Are you looking for a reasonably priced, high-performance server?
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All the advantages at a glance:

  • Own server without virtualised components
  • Dedicated computing capacity
  • Local support in German, French and English
  • Attractive conditions

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Bandwidth   Shared bandwidth, is provided on a “best effort” basis. Fair use policy applies for use.   1 Gbit/s
Traffic per month   Use in accordance with the fair use policy   Unlimited
IPv4 addresses   A /29 subnet (8 IP addresses, 3 usable) is included with all dedicated servers. Optional extensions are available.   8 IP addresses
IPv6 addresses   A /64 subnet is included with all dedicated servers.   Included
Server location   Hosting in our data centers   Switzerland
Redundancy   Network connection up to the Access switch is redundantly designed.   Included
UPS and emergency power   Emergency power solutions for a continuous power supply even in the event of the total failure of the power supply.   Included


Operating system installation   This service package includes:

  • RAID configuration
  • Installation of the operating system incl. available updates
  • Functional check
  • Configuration and delivery of administrator access data
Installation costs are waived if the dedicated server is provided without an operating system.
  One-time fee of
CHF 150.00
Windows Server 2016 Standard   Licenses bound to the server, non-transferable. You can use your own licenses.

The license for Windows Server 2016 also allows the licensing of a virtual server with the same operating system on the physical server. If you require several virtual servers with Windows, we recommend you check the Datacenter license.
  CHF 18.00 per month
Windows Server 2016 Essentials   The licenses are bound to the server and are not transferable. You can use your own licenses.

The Windows Server Essentials enables you to set up a private cloud and is comparable with earlier SMB Server offers.
  Per month:
16 core CHF 30.00
24 core CHF 50.00
Linux server   Choose from the following Linux operating systems:

- CentOS
- Ubuntu
- Debian

An up-to-date version (stable) comes preinstalled. An SSH connection is provided for access.
  CHF 0.00 per month
Without   The dedicated server is provided without an operating system; this leaves you free to install another OS or virtualization systems. The one-time installation fees are waived.   CHF 0.00 per month


24/7 monitoring of the infrastructure   The infrastructure round the Dedicated Server is permanently monitored to ensure maximum availability.   Included
Free support   Free support is available by phone, e-mail or Web form in the event of disruptions or if you have any questions regarding the Dedicated Server.   Included


  Prix per month
1 Gbps bandwidth   The bandwidth is shared and provided for best effort. The usage according to the fair use policy applies.   CHF 29.00
16 IP addresses
(/28 subnet)
  Optional: 16 static IP addresses (instead of 8 IP addresses)

Use per IP (/28 subnet):
1. IP: Subnet ID
2. IP: Gateway
3. IP: KVM/ILO (usable)
4. IP: Server itself (usable)
5-15. IP: free (usable)
16. IP: Broadcast
  CHF 80.00
32 IP-Adressen
  Optional: 32 static IP addresses (instead of 8 IP addresses)

Use per IP (/27 subnet):
1. IP: Subnet ID
2. IP: Gateway
3. IP: KVM/ILO (usable)
4. IP: Server itself (usable)
5-31. IP: free (usable)
32. IP: Broadcast
  CHF 140.00


  Prix per month
Plesk Web Admin Edition   The best way to manage websites and servers

  • 10 domains
  • WordPress Toolkit SE
  CHF 10.90
Plesk Web Pro Edition   The perfect solution for web developers and designers

  • 30 domains
  • WordPress Toolkit SE
  • Developer pack
  • Subscription management
  • Account management
  CHF 14.90
Plesk Web Host Edition   The perfect platform for your hosting business

  • Unlimited domains
  • WordPress Toolkit SE
  • Developer pack
  • Subscription management
  • Account management
  • Reseller management
  CHF 44.90

Independent licensing possible.

We guarantee you Swiss security – all the servers are operated for you in our highly-secure data centers. Your benefits with at a glance:

  • You use your own server licences, in particular for Windows and other Microsoft products
  • On withdrawal from the contract you have the option of purchasing the server
  • No licensing in accordance with Microsoft SPLA required
  • No mandatory logging of licenses vis-à-vis

The licenses for the Microsoft Windows operating system can be supplied with the server. Other licenses such as Office, MS SQL, Exchange, etc. can be obtained from specialist retailers or a license partner. The individual licensing terms of the relevant software provider apply.

Dedicated servers.

Supported operating systems.

Operating system   Version  
Logo Windows Server 2019   Windows Server 2019
Essentials, Standard
Logo Ubuntu   Ubuntu Server  
Logo OpenLogic   CentOS  
Logo Debian   Debian GNU/Linux  
Betriebssysteme   You can alternatively install any other operating system and use your own licenses (even for Windows).

Please clarify whether the desired operating system is compatible with the hardware provided.