Colo Standard

Colocation service for demanding requirements

The basis for your professional IT infrastructure with the best price/performance ratio in our state-of-the-art and certified data center.

All the advantages at a glance:

  • Depth 100 cm
  • Max. 2500 kWh power consumption per month or 3.5 kW per rack
  • Up to 40 TB Internet traffic over all ports (fair use)

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More Information

Further information:


Dimensions of rack:



60 cm
100 cm
42 U (usable: 37 U)


UPS-/generator-based power supply

C13 sockets   2 x 18
Power availability   2 x 3.6 kW (2 x 16 A)
Max. power input per rack   3.5 kW
Max. power consumption per month   max. 2500 kWh
Price of power (kWh)   CHF 0.29


Copper ports with Internet 1 Gbit/s
Connectivity shared
Internet traffic
(monthly limit across all ports, fair use)
  40 TB
IPv6 subnet incl.   /56
IPv4 subnet incl.   /28 (11 IP adresses)


Badge incl.   2


Power / temperature / humidity   99.90%


Redundant convection cooling  
Cold aisle enclosures  


VESDA early smoke detection  
Smoke detectors  
Video surveillance  
Access control system  
Infrastructure surveillance systems  
Data center facility management  


Minimum subscription period   12 months

When the order has been placed, advanced options can be ordered in addition. Expand your Colo package with the following additional services:


  One-time set-up fee   Monthly cost
Additional uplink, 10 Gbit/s shared   CHF 950   CHF 1250
Additional uplink 1 Gbit/s dedicated   CHF 450   CHF 1350
Additional uplink 10 Gbit/s dedicated   CHF 950   CHF 2450
Additional IPv4/28
(11 usable IP addresses)
  CHF 278   CHF 74
Additional IPv4/27
(27 usable IP addresses)
  CHF 278   CHF 130
Additional IPv4/26
(59 usable IP addresses)
  On request   On request
Additional IPv4/25
(123 usable IP addresses)
  On request   On request
Additional IPv4/24
(251 usable IP addresses)
  On request   On request


  One-time set-up fee   Monthly cost
Additional badge   CHF 180  

24/7 Remote Hands

Our on-site service is used when lights-out or out-of-band management systems such as iLO and DRAC are not sufficient to solve the problem. The technicians in our data center intervene to operate switches for you, check indicator lights, cable connections and enter simple commands on a console. They also perform related tasks by arrangement or on your direct instruction.

Rack & Stack

We can also support you in extending or converting your physical IT infrastructure at our premises: We take receipt of hardware deliveries, store them temporarily, unpack and install them in the rack in accordance with your specifications. Of course, this also includes labelling and documentation. Waste material is removed and disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

The right service for the product:

With our “Hands and Eyes” services "24/7 Remote Hands" and the Rack & Stack service, our employees always offer on-site support when you need them.

More on Remote Hands

With Site-to-Site we will connect two of your sites with a permanent dedicated line.

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