greenPhone Basic - the digital basic connection.

Calls at low prices & surf for free.

The digital basic connection from

You want to make cheap phone calls and surf the internet for free? at you can call at low prices as nowhere else: lower basic fees than before, as well as cheaper tariffs and invoicing exactly to the nearest second. So you only pay for what you effectively "spend on the phone".

With greenPhone basic, there is also now, free of charge internet on your telephone connection. Ideal for everyday use or to send and receive your emails.

  • Cet abonnement peut être uniquement utilisé avec un raccordement en cuivre

And the best:
You receive a Fritz! Box incl. DECT telephone base station for free!

Fritz!Box WLAN Router Stoerer

We offer you the telephone basic connection foryour home.



CHF 24.95 per

The package includes
  • Telephone connection for your home
  • Free internet up to 2 Mbit/s
  • One phone number for free
Connection fees CHF 0.–
greenBackup free
10 GB

Turbo Option
up to 15 / 3 Mbit/s
CHF 6.– per month
E-Mail addresses
Storage space per e-mail address 200 MB
Protection against Spams and Viruses
Access to the Mailbox via Internet and Mobile
Activation fees* CHF 0.–*

per month
24.95 per

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No fixed-connection needed
Attractive tariffs
for domestic and abroad calls

App for iPhone and Android
Free mobile App for cheap calls
on the move

old DECT telephones can be still used

Optional Flatrates
More infos

green WLAN-Router1)
Fritz!Box 7560 Multimedia-Modem with integrated
DECT base-station and WLAN

2 Mbit/s
maximum Download-speed

Option Turbo
up to 15 / 3 maximum up-and download speed


Phone calls

Making calls around the word at low tariffs.

  • Phone calls per Internet
  • No fixed network needed
  • Attractive tariffs for domestic and abroad calls
  • App for iPhone and Android

No fixed network required.  
Free mobile App for cheap calls on the move  
Old DECT telephones can be used  
Transfer of phone number possible   CHF 0.–
Optional Flatrates
More infos
  from CHF 9.90 per month
Calls over the network   CHF 0.00 per minute
Calls over the Swiss fixed network   CHF 0.03 per minute
Calls over the Swiss mobile network (connection fee CHF 0.05)   CHF 0.22 per minute
Calls to Swiss emergency numbers (connection fee CHF 0.03)   CHF 0.16 per minute
Tariffs abroad    


Fast and safe surfing as much as you want.

  • 2 Mbit/s Download speed
  • 0.2 Mbit/s Upload speed
  • green WLAN-Router free of charge

Download speed (maximum)   2 Mbit/s
Upload speed (maximum)   0.2 Mbit/s
Turbo Option   CHF 6.– per month
Data volume   unlimited
for free with
green WLAN-Router1)
(FRITZ!Box Multimedia-Modem with
integrated DECT base station and WLAN) more info
  free of charge
Activation fees (with a contract term of 24 months*)   CHF 0.–
E-Mail addresses incl.   5
Web- and Client Access   per POP3 other IMAP
Storage space per E-Mail address   200 MB
Webmail (access to your mails with each Browser from your PC or Mac)  
Protection against Spams, Phishing and Viruses  


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* with a contract period of 24 months you don't pay any activation fees.
if you wish a contact period of 12 months, the unique activation fee is CHF 49.–.
1) In case of supply shortages, we permit us to send you an equivalent device.