Internet Flex Soho

As individual as your office

Internet Flex SOHO

Mix and match your subscription’s components to meet your specific needs

  • Up to 1 Gbit/s upload and download
  • You choose what you want to combine with your Internet connection
  • Minimum contract term of two months
  • Static IPv4 addresses incl. IPv6 network

The fastest for you

We will activate the maximum upload and download speeds available for your line, up to 1 Gbit/s.
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CHF 59.90
per month

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Which speed offers what?

  • Free bridge / media converter, model as needed for the connection
  • Up to 1 Gbit/s upload and download
  • Contract terms of between two months and two years
  • Termination with two months’ notice (after the end of the contract term)


  • greenTalk, one phone number and voicemail
  • Including greenBackup with up to 10 GB of cloud storage for your most important files
  • Five e-mail addresses,
  • Optional extended support, CCHF 20.00 per month
  • Up to 64 Static IPv4 addresses including IPv6 network
  • One-time discount of CHF 50.00 if you continue to use your own, existing hardware

Would you like a phone number?

During the next few steps of the process, you can combine Internet Home with greenTalk.
We recommend greenTalk Plus for families with up to five phone numbers.

  • Free “IP Call” app for iOS and Android . This applets you make phone calls while on the go just as if you were at home.
    To do so, you need a data plan through your mobile provider or a WLAN connection.
  • Affordable domestic and international rates
  • Free calls to other phone numbers
  • Keep an existing number or select a new one
  • Top-Stop: Protects your phone number against fraud, hacker attacks and excessively high bills
  • No additional activation fee
  • Optional flat rate, carefree calling at a fixed price
  • Optional fax-to-mail service that lets you send and receive fax messages via e-mail
  • Billing 2-monthly


1 phone number included

CHF 0.00 per

(CHF 5.00 per month without a Internet connection)

greenTalk Plus

5 phone numbers included

More info

7.90 per

(CHF 9.90 per month without a Internet connection)

Would you like TV?

In the next few steps, you can combine Internet Home with greenTV Start.
Would you like more TV? Then select greenTV Comfort.

greenTV Start

12.– per

greenTV Comfort

  • More than 220 channels, 60% in HD
  • WebTV and Android/iOS App with Chromecast support
  • Optional Set-top box
  • Live pause
  • Recording feature that allows up to 100 hours of recordings
  • Replay up to 7 days on 90% of the channels

18.– par

The right service for any product:

Internet Flex SOHO lays the best foundation for VoIP telephony solutions. Get more information now!

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