greenTalk Plus.

Your ISDN replacement with a certain “Plus”.

It does not matter whether in the office, in a company subsidiary or in a private household. GreenTalk Plus is the ISDN alternative for the future. Making phone calls per IP phone, computer or App and benefit from cheap tariffs from

In addition, greenTalk Plus offers the possibility to use your existing ISDN telephones. Voice Mailbox, redirects and simple number management are just some features which complement the offer.

For greenTalk Plus, you need a pure internet connection (DSL or optic fiber) at or at another provider of your choice. Within the provider you can make phone calls free of charge in the swiss landline.

1in1 Phone Box
free transfer
9.90 per

Basic charge

Connection   per month
greenTalk Plus (up to 5 phone numbers & voicemail & basic fee)   CHF 9.90


Services   per month
  one time costs
Optional Flatrates
More infos
  from CHF 9.90  
FaxToMail   CHF 7.–  
Phone number porting
Download porting form
    CHF 0.–
App for iPhone and Android     free download now


The Invoice period is 2 months.
The upper limit per billing is CHF 200.–. This can be increased continuously in the customer portal.

Fixed network Switzerland

Days   Time of day   Rates per minute
Every day, also days of festivities   any time   CHF 0.03
Calls from greenTalk to greenTalk you pay   any time only   CHF 0.00
Tariff list (PDF)        

Mobile network Switzerland

Provider   Setup charge   Rates per minute
Calls to Switzerland mobile Network   CHF 0.05   CHF 0.22
National Service Nr.   CHF 0.54   CHF 0.50
Tariff list (PDF)        

Foreign countries

Rate overview of all the countries

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