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Benefit from our agent model

We can grow together. Do we have the products and you have the business network?
Then our agent model is just right for you. Regardless of whether you plan to start small or move quickly.

How does it work?

In your capacity as an agent, you sell our services on behalf of green.ch and take advantage of our product range. Everything right in our online portal. You profit off every contract signed but that’s where your job ends – green.ch takes over customer care from that point on (they are green.ch customers from a contractual perspective). Both billing and support are handled by green.ch.

Commissions are calculated based on all new sales generated over the course of a year plus recurring commissions for your activities as an agent (we would be happy to provide you with more information on request). Green.ch also offers marketing assistance, including promotional codes or other materials/campaigns designed to promote your sales..

Partner levels

The partner levels are based on your new sales generated.

Business Partner


Gold Partner


Platinum Partner


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