greenBackup – a secure feeling.

Simple, reliable,

greenBackup provides protection against data loss, both locally and in the cloud. Digital data can be quickly and irreparably lost for many different reasons. Benefit from full cost control with this pay-as-you-use system and from an unlimited number of servers and clients.

greenBackup provides optimal protection for private households
and small companies.

Your protection – both locally and in the cloud:

  • Stored in Switzerland
  • Full cost control
  • Back up an unlimited number of servers and clients
  • Central backup management
  • Available for Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Bare Metal Desaster Recovery


Our offering for private users and SMEs:

greenBackup Private & KMU

The package includes
  • 20 GB storage
  • Software for Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Local backup and cloud backup
Additional backup storage CHF 0.29 per GB
Number of users 1
Encrypted transfer of backup data 2048-Bit-SSL
Encryption of backed up data AES 128, AES 192, AES 256
File and image backup
Backup of servers
Backup of workstations

per month

2.90 per

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Flexible backup planning
Unlimited storage period
Backup and restore of virtual hypervisor environments
Backup and restore of applications
Pre-/post- commands
Multi-volume snapshot
Performance management
Volume Shadow Copy Service
Backup validation
File filter

per month

2.90 per

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Do you already have one or more subscriptions?

Activate your greenBackup free at and benefit from 10 GB of free

backup storage and all the functions of greenBackup Private. If you need more than 10 GB of storage, you can always add more storage to greenBackup Free for CHF 0.29 per GB.

Do you need a backup solution for a large company?

Use greenBackup Enterprise to securely and reliably back up all your company data in Switzerland. Thanks to multi-client capability, greenBackup Enterprise helps you scale your business, increase your effiency, and lower your costs.