Scale your data center as your business environment changes.

Virtual data centers offer flexibility,
security and lower costs.

Professional service and full flexibility.

Today’s businesses can’t afford to be stuck in their ways. The virtual data center adapts to change. helps you keep control of your data and your costs, good for your business.

  • Daily billing
  • Dedicated project manager to advise and provide support
  • Flexible infrastructure
  • Business SLA included

Virtual Datacenter - Personal


A project manager for consulting and ongoing support.
Virtual Datacenter - Secure


Your data is hosted in Switzerland and subject to Swiss Law.
Virtual Datacenter - Flexible


13 predefined server types and multiple operating systems (Windows, Linux derivatives, or your own system)
Virtual Datacenter - Carefree


Your data is safe and operation is ensured.
Virtual Datacenter - Cost-efficient


You only pay for what you need.
Virtual Datacenter - Complete


Fully functional base platform, including connection to the Internet.
Virtual Datacenter - Monitored


You benefit from 24/365 monitoring of your VDC environment.
Virtual Datacenter - Fast


State-of-the-art hyperconverged components and SSD-tiered disk.
Virtual Datacenter - Simple


Online self-administration wherever you are. Cost can be split by business unit.
Virtual Datacenter - High-availability


Thanks to redundant hardware, we guarantee 99.9% availability.

Development: Step-by-step modernization of your infrastructure

No more worrying about controlling the climate and maintaining your server in your company. You decide when to move what elements to the data center and have access to your data at all times from any location and any device. And when your requirements change, you can change the infrastructure within a few minutes from your office. You benefit from full flexibility, favorable terms, and can focus on your own company.

Virtual Datacenter Scenario 01

Hybrid: Interconnection of data centers at your site and our sites

Connect what belongs together. Connect your IT infrastructure in the data center with your own infrastructure. The hybrid cloud for full flexibility and security. You decide when to move what elements to the data center.

Virtual Datacenter Scenario 02

Project: The perfect environment for projects of all sizes

You work with partner companies on joint projects and want to have a time-limited project environment that all those involved can access securely? With the virtual data center, you can adapt your IT infrastructure to the progress of the project with just a few mouse clicks. When the project is completed, you simply move the data to the desired data center and remove the project structure.

Virtual Datacenter Scenario 03

Our expert Christoph Müller will be happy to answer technical questions and assist you with the integration into your infrastructure. The features of the virtual data center:

  • Flexible selection of virtual servers VS1 – VS128
  • Storage freely configurable per server
  • Choice of Windows or Linux operating system using templates
  • Snapshots: virtual-server backup with recovery functionality
  • Highest performance thanks to SSD and flash memory
  • High availability thanks to redundant hardware
  • Replication in a second data center
  • 1 Gbit/s bandwidth for accessing your cloud
  • Connection of eight departments to a virtual firewall
  • VPN endpoint configurable on the firewall
  • Flexible expansion in colocation racks – from any network
  • Optional: Managed VPN to your site with flexible bandwidths
  • Optional: greenBackup
  • Optional: Cloud Security

All prices exclude VAT.

included in the basic package:

  • Business SLA (7x24)
  • Business vNetwork (Public network IP /28)
  • Business vNetwork LAN

Select the appropriate server for your applications. In the portal, you can adapt the virtual machines to your changing needs in few clicks

  • daily billing
  • monthly billing
  • can be adjusted at any time in the portal

All prices exclude VAT.

VM   CPU   RAM   price per VM /  day   price per VM /  month
VS1   1   1 GB   CHF 1.10   CHF 33.–
VS2   1   2 GB   CHF 1.63   CHF 49.–
VS4   2   4 GB   CHF 3.–   CHF 90.–
VS8   2   8 GB   CHF 4.17   CHF 125.–
VS8 - CPU   4   4 GB   CHF 4.17   CHF 125.–
VS16   4   16 GB  CHF 7.50  CHF 225.–
VS16 - CPU   8   8 GB   CHF 7.50   CHF 225.–
VS32   8   32 GB   CHF 11.67   CHF 350.–
VS32 - CPU   12   16 GB   CHF 11.67   CHF 350.–
VS64   12   64 GB   CHF 19.–   CHF 570.–
VS64 - CPU   16   32 GB   CHF 19.–   CHF 570.–
VS128   16   128 GB   CHF 39.–   CHF 1170.–
VS128 - CPU   24   64 GB   CHF 39.–  CHF 1170.–

Determine the size of the drive dynamically and adjust it at any time. The actual size of the reserved disc is invoiced monthly.

  • monthly billing
  • can be adjusted at any time in the portal

All prices exclude VAT.

    Price per month
Disk 1 GB   CHF 0.25 per GB
Checkpoint Snapshot   CHF 0.25 per GB

  • monthly billing
  • can be adjusted at any time in the portal

All prices exclude VAT.

  Price per month
Business vNetwork Connect   CHF 231.50.– per month
PROMO: CHF 115.75*
Managed VPN   CHF 69.45**
Business vNetwork LAN   CHF 18.50
Business vNetwork Public   CHF 74.10

* Valid for the first six monthly invoices
**Plus one-time installation fee (incl. hardware shipment) of CHF 500.00.– included

  • monthly billing

All prices exclude VAT.

  Price per month
Unmanaged Firewall
(integrator/client) FW/Router (8Nics)
  CHF 95.–
Managed Firewall (Green) FW/Router (8Nics)   CHF 195.–

  • monthly billing

All prices exclude VAT.

  Price per month
greenBackup Enterprise (incl. 1.5 TB) more info   from CHF 185.20
greenBackup Private (incl. 20 GB) more info   from CHF 2.70

  • monthly billing
  • can be adjusted at any time in the portal

All prices exclude VAT.

  Price per month
Cloud Security   CHF 4.55
SQL DBaaS   CHF 73.15
SQL DBaaS Storage / 25 GB   CHF 45.40


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