Moving house, change of address or change of owner.

Important information

  • To ensure that all your products are available to you in good time at your new home and to update your billing address, please complete the moving house form. You can leave the rest to us.
  • You must nevertheless change or cancel any Swisscom subscriptions yourself.
  • Please return the form at least 30 days before moving.

Change of address

You are moving and would like to be able to use your service once you are at your new address?

Then you can notify us of your change of address via the customer portal, the relocation form or the online form.

Relocation form (PDF)

Change of owner

You are taking over an existing contract belonging to a customer and wish to register?

Notify us of the change of owner
30 days in advance.

Change of owner form (PDF)


Do you want to cancel the service?
Then use our cancellation template and return it to us, duly completed, by post.

Download template

Complete moving house
form online

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If you have any questions, we will be happy to help.
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