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The right Internet address

Choosing the right domain name is a key success factor on the Internet. To be found on the Internet, you need a memorable, logical website address. The simpler and more obvious the name, the faster you will be found and the easier it will be for people to remember the address.

Three important principles
  1. Choose a domain name that is relevant to the content of your website or choose the name of an existing company or club/association.
  2. The name should be short and succinct so it is easy to remember.
  3. Avoid using numbers, these often lead to misunderstanding.

Rules for domain names
  • Capitalization is ignored ( is identical to
  • The minimum length depends on the selected top-level domain. For a .ch domain, the minimum length is 3 characters and the maximum length is 63 characters.
  • The only allowed special character is a hyphen "-". The domain name is not allowed to start or end with "-". beginnen, noch enden.

Reserving name variants

For domain names that can be written in different ways (for example with or without a hyphen) or that are often written incorrectly, we recommend reserving all possible variants. This also applies to abbreviations of the domain name. Simply redirect these name variants to your main domain name.

Choosing a domain extension

Top-level domain is often abbreviated to TLD or is simply referred to as the domain extension. This is the part of the domain name to the right of the last dot. The .ch in for example. There are two different types of extensions.

Generic top-level domains (gTLD): general domains such as .com, .biz, .info, .net, and .org, as well as all new top-level domains such as .restaurant, .realestate, and .cool.

Country-code top-level domains (ccTLD): all domains that are assigned to a specific country, such as .ch, .li, .fr, .at, and .de.

frequently asked question? AG offers you many first-level country code domains, i.e., ccTLDs (.ch, .fr, .de, etc.) and generic domains, i.e., gTLDs (.swiss, .com, .net, etc.). As your contact and contract partner, AG will register your desired domain with one of our TLD partners. The respective partner is listed in the Whois query database.

You benefit from the many advantages of this process, including:

  • You receive almost all TLDs from a single source.
  • You can register domains for up to ten years.
  • You only receive one invoice for all your registered domains and have full control of the costs.
  • Our multilingual support helps you with any questions regarding your domains – in English, German, and French.
A domain name (website address) is where your website can be called up on the Internet. Benefits of an own domain:
  • Your website can be reached with your personal domain.
  • Own e-mail addresses with your domain name.
  • Users remember distinctive names better and visit your website more often..
  • An own domain is a professional way of presenting your business to potential customers and website visitors.
  • You alone can use your domain name.
Yes, domain names containing umlauts and other accented characters (also known as internationalized domain names, IDN) are possible, i.e., www.mü or www.café.ch. To allow accented characters to be used, they are translated into an ASCII text representation. ASCII-compatible encoding (ACE) is such a convention and this procedure must be supported by the software used (e-mail programs, browsers, FTP programs).

We recommend not using umlauts in the main domain name. It is better to cover the different ways of writing the name with alias domains.
After the minimum subscription length of 12/24/36/60/120 months (depending on the type of agreement) has expired, subscriptions can be canceled with 2 months notice to the end of the subscription period. Cancellation must be in writing and signed and be sent to by letter or fax. If the subscription is canceled before the agreed minimum subscription period or to a date that was not agreed, reimbursement is excluded. If not canceled, the subscription will be tacitly renewed for another 12 months. does not actively monitor the use of subscribed products.

* This offer refers to the top level domain .ch. The domains are free for the first year.
Thereafter, the domains are settled according to the valid price list. The offer can only be redeemed at the same time by ordering a greenWebhosting. Subsequent registration of domains can not be credited to this promotion.