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  • New possibilities
    The new top-level domains offer new ways to more clearly describe your Internet presence. Benefit from the individual and specific combinations that can connect your domain name directly with your region or offering.

  • Opportunity and alternative
    With the amount of competition that is out there, it has become almost impossible for new, small companies to obtain their domain name of choice. Many have to be satisfied with a less desirable domain name that is either too long or incorrectly written.

  • Search engine placement
    The latest marketing trends are increasingly personalized, localized, and target-group oriented. Search engines are also moving in this direction by providing their users with more specialized and localized results.

frequently asked question?

The top-level domain (TLD) is the part of the domain name that is to the right of the last dot . The .ch in for example. Generally known extensions are .ch or .de as country-specific names or .com, .org, .net as international names.

Since many names have already been reserved under these TLDs and the possibilities have been greatly exhausted, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) decided to introduce new top-level domains. Starting in 2013, new gTLD or nTLD domain extensions have gradually been introduced.
An application procedure for submitting new extensions has been running since 2012. Hundreds of new gTLDs have already been approved and the application procedure is still underway. It is expected that ultimately more than 1,400 new extensions will be available.

Some of the extensions are directly related to brand names such as .google and are used by the associated companies. Many new topical and generic extensions from various spheres of life, regions, and target groups are also available to the general public, opening up new opportunities for website operators.
At, all approved top-level domains that are not connected with a brand or organization can be reserved. We are constantly adding new extensions to our offering.
On our website, you can see the new domain extensions and search to see if your desired name is still available. Simply select the desired gTLD(s) and enter the desired name to check the availability of this combination.

* This offer refers to the top level domain .ch. The domains are free for the first year.
Thereafter, the domains are settled according to the valid price list. The offer can only be redeemed at the same time by ordering a greenWebhosting. Subsequent registration of domains can not be credited to this promotion.