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Sustainability Report 2022

«Do the right thing» is our firm guiding principle.

We firmly believe that long-term corporate success is closely linked to a culture of sustainability. That’s why we consider sustainability an ongoing mission which encompasses the whole of the corporate culture. We act responsibly. We seek information. We continue to develop and remain innovative. We contribute ideas and take action. We reflect on our personal approach and focus on measurably sustainable results.

Roger Süess

Finding new paths
With digitalization on the rise, data volumes are growing exponentially. Private and state-owned in-house data infrastructures are becoming increasingly unattractive from a technical, economic, and environmental perspective. Today’s new high-tech data centers and cloud solutions offer a more efficient, future-oriented alternative. 

But these, too, come with major challenges. We know that handling data is highly energy-intensive. That’s why we are constantly questioning the status quo and looking into hardware optimization, more efficient cooling methods, and alternative models and technologies such as district heating, hydrogen, and more. In this context, we seek cooperation with hardware suppliers, customers, and technical universities such as ETH Zurich and HSLU.

Goals for a sustainable future
We assessed the UN’s 17 global Sustainable Development Goals to determine the areas most relevant to Green. We define these in concrete terms and began implementing our measures directly in practice. We chose the relevant areas based on criteria such as feasibility, measurability, and effectiveness.

Our guiding principles for sustainable action

Green takes action.

"Amid the threat of climate change and the scarcity of raw materials and energy, it goes without saying that Green is doing everything it can to help find a solution."

Reducing PUE is a priority for us, as it results in significant cost savings and a lower environmental impact.

Andrea Luigi Campomilla
COO Green data centers

Heat network
Our Zurich City data center is one of the first in Switzerland to be connected to a heating network. The latest generation of our data centers all strive for a PUE value close to 1 and are all heat network enabled.


Growing together: a strong team is the foundation for success.

"Green is a modern company that keeps track of social developments and values people in every respect."

Birgit Weische


Our focus

  • We create a culture that fosters diversity, equity and inclusion by tackling discrimination in the workplace and promoting diversity in employee recruitment.
  • We ensure that working conditions in the company are fair and safe.
  • We fulfil our social and environmental obligations by committing to charitable causes. We initiate fundraising efforts and promote volunteering.

We care: for a safe and healthy environment.

"Green takes responsibility for the health and safety of employees and all other stakeholders."

Remo Boccali
Head of Corporate Security

The Green OHASMS at a glance

  • Safety policies and standards to protect people, equipment, materials and property
  • Ensuring a safe and accident-free working environment through cooperation between Green, employees, partners and other stakeholders
  • Letter of agreement for contractors
  • Contractual obligation to comply with standards, due diligence and reporting, e.g. hyperscaler reporting
  • Tailored health and safety policies for specific areas and general contractors, subcontractors and employees, e.g. on Green construction sites
  • Online training for customers and suppliers and on construction sites

Building trust through responsible corporate practices.

"As the industry leader in Switzerland, Green is committed to maintaining the highest standards in corporate management. Company philosophy, policies, corporate management systems, guidelines and processes always adhere to the latest international requirements."

Anna Arai

Sustainable growth based on innovative technology
Green Datacenter operates leading-edge data centers in Switzerland, providing space, power, cooling, protection and connectivity to some of the world’s leading hyperscalers and cloud providers, as well as SMEs and enterprises. Our innovative data center design flexibly adapts to customer demand, enabling rapid scaling to meet market requirements. Our approach to planning also allows us to make significant improvements in reliability, efficiency and sustainability, and to incorporate the latest technologies.

We are expanding our innovative data center hubs in a flexible and highly scalable way in line with growing market requirements.

Vision, pioneering spirit and commitment have made Green the largest data center provider in Switzerland. We are proud of the fact that our holistic ecosystem and its diverse solutions are favored by the most renowned hyperscalers.


Green is moving the world of data centers. We are dynamic. We are flexible. We are at the vanguard of innovation, always looking for the right path between growth, sustainability, and profitability.


The future is sustainable. We think ahead and act with foresight. We offer things that last, with lasting value. That goes for
our core business as well as the way we build, buy, work, and use energy.


In a complex world, there is nothing better than cooperation. For the benefit of our customers, we want to excel in our core business and work with companies that do the same. We highly value long-term, trusting relationships based on appreciation and respect.

Our investor

About InfraVia Capital Partners
InfraVia is a leading independent private equity firm, specialized in private markets across European infrastructure and technology investments. InfraVia supports entrepreneurs and industrial players in their growth and digital strategy, accelerating their transformation into sizeable platforms. Since 2008, InfraVia has raised €10bn of capital and invested in 50+ companies across 13 European countries.

InraVia pursues a holistic ESG strategy: