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Requirements regarding the security and availability of data are constantly increasing. Contractual obligations, business processes, and regulatory requirements force companies to take measures to prevent data loss. Are systems infected with viruses or malware, has a system failed, or was a data record simply deleted? In all cases, a backup concept must ensure that it is possible to quickly restore the data.


The IT landscape in companies is becoming increasingly complex. Whereas in the past only PCs and servers had to be backed up, now data on a wide variety of virtual platforms has to be taken into account. Office 365 applications, virtual machines in clouds, and a plethora of mobile devices all present new backup challenges, especially for SMEs. If you are considering a new backup concept, hybrid solutions with a central management console offer the greatest benefits.

Storage locally and in the cloud
Many SMEs save their data locally even though a second, independent location would significantly improve fail safety. Unfortunately, many people think that only large companies can afford external data centers. But the new backup solutions are different. They allow a combination of both worlds: storage locally and in the cloud. Since fast data lines are commonplace, the unproductive times over night or on weekends are sufficient for encrypted backing up of data in the cloud. Often, hybrid models are used. A complete backup is only done locally on a company’s own infrastructure. Important data is additionally backed up in the cloud.

One platform, all possibilities
A central console that controls all data backup tasks saves time and hassle. Ideally, it manages the local backup and the data backup in the cloud. It doesn’t matter whether it is a virtual or physical system that needs to be backed up. What is important is that it is possible to restore data when needed – on a data, application, system, or image basis. The backup consoles are available anytime, anywhere via a browser. Solution providers like Acronis offer additional apps for mobile devices. Once the apps are installed, data from smartphones and tablets can be included in the backup concept.

A second location provides more security and minimizes data losses. There are also suitable backup packages that are affordable for SMEs.

Two partners, one solution
The joint backup solution from Green and Acronis was conceived for SMEs that have to manage many backup tasks. The cloud data is stored solely in Green Datacenter Zurich West, the most modern data center managed by Green. The central Acronis platform uses a single console to manage local, cloud, or hybrid data backups.

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