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Awarded again for excellence in management and operations

Green was the first commercial data center provider in Switzerland to receive the "M&O Stamp of Approval" from the renowned Uptime Institute for operational excellence and has now successfully passed the recertification process. But what does that mean exactly and what does it mean for our customers?

The Uptime Institute's M&O Stamp of Approval provides an unbiased, independent assessment of data centers. It recognizes excellence in administration (management) and operations (operations), pursuing these goals:

  • Establish consistency in quality
  • Avoid human error
  • Promote continuous improvement

Only data centers that ensure the highest process reliability and exceed common, already high industry standards receive the award.

Only data center in Switzerland with this award
With our Zurich West 3 data center, we are the only data center provider in Switzerland to date to have received the «M&O Stamp of Approval» award.

"Our above-average performance confirms that we not only have state-of-the-art data centers, but also operate them at the highest level in terms of process technology."
Adrian Meyer, Head of Datacenter Operations

Why is this «M&O Stamp of Approval» so important?
It's not the certificate in and of itself that is very important, but what it proves: business excellence. We have a proven track record of meeting key benchmarks, promoting effective data center best practices, and minimizing human error with our operational practices, which is a major cause of data center failure.

What is examined in the «M&O» evaluation?
The M&O evaluation assesses all aspects of operations, including planning, coordination and management, personnel and organization, training, and operating conditions and maintenance. This places high demands on data center operators and their staff. Only a select number of data centers qualify for the «M&O Stamp of Approval».

Operational excellence is anchored in the company and put into practice
In anticipation of the audit, hundreds of processes were revised, reviewed and tested - from handling deliveries to maintenance in the areas of power and cooling. The well thought-out methodology of these M&O-certified processes now enables their identical application at each of our sites. This uniformity increases operational efficiency. It clearly sets us apart as a data center operator. The documentation also simplifies work preparations and change management for employees. The team thinks more holistically because the framework is very clear. This motivates everyone to continuously perfect the operational processes and to work accordingly.

Customer trust is strengthened
Our customers trust us with their equipment and data. The M&O certificate proves that we comply with and implement the agreed SLA (Service Level Agreement). Our processes are now designed in such a way that we can demonstrate our procedures and our diligence in customer audits in a way that is traceable down to the last detail. This strengthens customer confidence in our work.

The benefits of M&O certification

Establish consistency

Operating multiple data centers is more complex than maintaining one single facility, as technical and organizational complexity increases with the number of sites. M&O confirms that consistent quality is ensured based on a solid framework at all facilities. In Green’s case, this means that operational quality is guaranteed across all sites.

Avoid errors

Studies show that over 75% of data center failures can be attributed to human error. Defined processes and coordinated operations are therefore key for the M&O certification. The certified operations stabilize business and guarantee consistent performance and best practice in all aspects. This structure helps employees to uniformly comply with operations.

Improve continuously

Operational excellence can be seen in the disciplined, standardized and sustainable maintenance of processes and a continuous adaptation to changes. M&O-certified operations enable teams to standardize processes, apply them on a company-wide basis and optimize them on an ongoing basis. A Stamp of Approval applies for two years and then has to be renewed.