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Simplicity is key to online success

The first step to a successful online presence is to know you’re core message. Ask yourself what your website should convey: What is the essence of your company or your brand? Identify your audience and decide on suitable contents for your goal. Your message should be clear and simple. Your purpose must be immediately recognizable to users. Your message and your purpose will also have an impact on the technical requirements.

Good hosting is secure and affordable
No matter how big your website will be: Don’t fall for the cheapest hosting offer, instead find an offer one that suits your needs and technical knowledge. It’s all about the price-performance ratio. Check if multiple domains are possible and what options the control panel offers. For example, can you change settings in a menu, or do you have to adapt the code in files? The offer should simplify your everyday life as a website operator - also in terms of security. Check whether backups are included and if you can access them yourself. A firewall should also protect the website from hackers. If you depend on fast loading times and local jurisdiction, choose a host who’s servers are located in your country.

The trick is to keep it simple
When building a website, always remember: less is more. Do not exhaust all possibilities. This applies to the technical possibilities as well as to design and content. Concentrate on a few elements that you use regularly. Don't overwhelm the users – portion and structure the information. A solid content plan with realistic expectations is the easiest way to reach your goal.

Green has hosting offers for every need - from simple websites to large online stores. The data is securely stored in our Swiss data center and is backed up continuously.