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Voice over IP (VoIP)

VoIP is the abbreviation for voice over Internet protocol. With this method, speech is digitized and, just like other data (e.g. this website), it is sent over the Internet in small packages. Your telephone will now be connected to the router instead of being plugged directly into the phone outlet. A usual Internet connection (DSL or fiber) handles the data transfer.

The advantages of digital telephony (VoIP)

Lower fixed costs
The cost of landline telephony will drop significantly since there is no longer an analog connection fee (previously CHF 24.95 per month). The voice data is transmitted over the Internet connection, which most people already have. Subscriptions for Internet-based telephony are very inexpensive. The monthly fee at Green is only CHF 5.00.

Lower phone costs
Practically all VoIP providers also offer optional flat rate packages for certain zones and networks. Think about the numbers you call the most and select the flat rate that best matches your calling needs. Packages are typically available for landline networks, mobile networks, and for calls to specific countries.

Simple administration
Administration over a browser makes Internet-based telephony easy to manage. You can set up call forwarding, block callers, configure the answering machine, etc. via a browser.

With your VoIP subscription, you can telephone wherever there is an Internet connection. I.e., when you’re away from home, for example with a notebook in a hotel or wherever there is a Wi-Fi/wireless hot spot (train stations, cafés, buses, etc.). When calling emergency numbers, it is important to use your mobile phone (without VoIP) or a landline phone. You can call all other numbers without limitation.

Keep previous telephone number
Your existing telephone number will be transferred to your new Internet-based telephone subscription.

VoIP prerequisite
This new form of telephony requires an active router to receive and place phone calls. So make sure that your router is always turned on.
You can enter an alternative number in the myGreen customer console where you can be reached in the case of an outage. We recommend entering your mobile phone number.

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