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Fast and secure data connections are the key to an effective IT infrastructure. At Green, you benefit from excellent connectivity solutions, either with the SwissIX internet exchange point, with our China Express Connect or with customized network encryption.

Your benefits with Green networking

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Leading solutions

We develop customized solutions, tailored to your particular needs. Our infrastructure combines high-performance, security and flexibility. At Green, you can choose the right provider for you from more than 50 carriers.


Better latency

Benefit from lower latency thanks to excellent connections and short distances to important exchange points. Our fast local and international connections – within Switzerland but also to the USA, Europe and as far away as China – help you to evolve.

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Customer service

Our offerings come with a guaranteed high level of service (SLA) that you can rely on. You can also count on the expert support from our around-the-clock, multilingual customer service team.

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Secure data transfer

We provide encrypted network connections and monitor them 24/7, thus guaranteeing secure, reliable data transfer at all times.

Our connectivity solutions


Green is one of the core sites of the largest Swiss internet exchange point SwissIX. The non-profit organization operates a neutral infrastructure and charges for the data volume transferred based on low-cost flat rates. SwissIX is an ideal solution for cloud providers, carriers, content providers and companies with a large volume of locally transferred data. Connect with SwissIX; we will take care of the set-up process.

China Express Connect

Put your trust in our “Silk Road for data traffic” for your business activities with the Far East. Low latencies increase your productivity and the security of your data. Our service management team is available 24/7. The monitoring portal provides information on latencies at all times. Our on-site engineers are able to rapidly set up new connections.


Security with encryption

Our solution dependably encrypts your communication connection, without impairing the data transfer quality. It also supports various network topologies. Key management and network management are kept strictly apart.


These networking options may be of interest to you

Site networking

Improve your connectivity. Our offerings give you the flexibility you need.

Data center networking

Do you want to make your data center network fit for the future? We’re happy to advise you.

Our team will advise you individually and will be happy to work out a tailor-made solution.

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