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Shared IaaS - Virtual Datacenter

Are you looking for a future-proof service in Switzerland for outsourcing your IT? Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is a cost-effective alternative to operating your own server. With our Virtual Datacenter, you can run all your IT systems at Swiss locations with high-performance, cloud-ready infrastructure.

Shared IaaS - your benefits

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Top-quality hardware for a high level of availability

You can profit from speed and reliability. Top-quality hardware plus a high-availability network and power supply infrastructure at our data centers facilitate a service with a contractually guaranteed availability of at least 99.9%.

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Easy journey to the cloud

The Virtual Datacenter is a secure step on your journey to the cloud. Thanks to our set-up as a data hub, we can network you with renowned cloud providers at any time. You can choose from Google, Microsoft, AWS, Alibaba and many, many more.

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Cost-effective long-term subscription

You only pay for actual usage. Unlike international public clouds, data transmission doesn’t generate additional costs. Benefit from our attractive long-term subscription models.

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Swiss infrastructure with geo-redundancy

The Virtual Datacenter is hosted in our certified data center with 24/7 monitoring on the Zurich West Campus. Hosting can be expanded to a second, redundant data location.



  • 1 Gbit/s bandwidth including internet connection
  • Fully redundant network and server infrastructure


  • Individual configurations of core (1 to 24 vCPUs) and RAM (1 to 128 GB)

  • Choose between geo-redundant SSD-tiered data storage and convenient basic storage space (locally redundant for non-critical applications)

  • Other operating systems via VDHX or ISO container

  • Selection of OS templates (Windows 12, 16 and 19, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu)



  • Snapshots to capture the system status
  • Individual cost control through cost center assignment of resources
  • Manage multiple administrators with customized rights and authorizations

More information in the service description


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  • Improve your security with our managed firewall
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  • Secure backup with Acronis Backup Cloud (in-house at Green)
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  • Direct network connection to your colocation, other Green locations or various clouds
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  • For a fully geo-redundant solution, systems can be operated at an additional Green data center in Switzerland

Your journey to the cloud

We guide companies on their journey to the cloud, step by step.

Cloud Connect

Our proximity to international public clouds allows for low latency and sustainable cloud solutions.