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Migration of your web hosting from Phoenix Systems to Green

You will receive the time of the migration from us by email or letter.

During the duration of the migration, there may be limited accessibility of your website and e-mails. We strive to complete the migration safely and to restore the normality as quickly as possible.

Your tasks before the migration

  • You have external domains

    Do you own domains whose DNS zone was not previously managed by Phoenix Systems? We have listed your external domains for you in the migration letter.

    Make sure that the DNS entries are adjusted at the time of migration. We recommend that you coordinate this with your provider at an early stage.

  • You have Phoenix domains

    You do not need to adjust domains whose registration and DNS zone were managed by Phoenix Systems; we will do this for you.

DNS changes

See in the PDF overview which DNS records you need to adjust for your external domains.

This changes after the migration

  • Customer portal

    After the migration, the new customer portal is available to you at With the customer portal you can directly access the control panel to manage your websites and domains. For the first login to the customer portal, you must set your password. Click on Reset password. Enter your customer number and the code displayed in the image and click on Resend link. You will receive an email for resetting your password to your deposited email address.

  • Control Panel

    After the migration, the new control panel of your web hosting is available to you. Create and manage your databases, FTP accesses, email accounts, PHP settings or the web application firewall at a central location. You can access the Control Panel directly from your customer portal.

    How to get to the Control Panel: go to the instructions 

  • Webmail

    The modern Webmailer 2020 replaces your previous webmail. You can find the new login page for Webmailer 2020 in our login portal, directly in the control panel or at

    All data stored on our servers will be transferred. That is, the data that is also available to you via the previous webmail.

  • New email settings

    Only after the migration you have to adjust the incoming and outgoing server data of your e-mail program. For this purpose, please note the migration date mentioned above.

    Incoming mail server IMAP Port 993 with SSL/TLS or 143 with STARTTLS
    Outgoing mail server SMTP Port 465 with SSL/TLS or 587 with STARTTLS
    Incoming mail server POP Port 995 mit SSL/TLS oder 110 mit STARTTLS
  • Web Hosting Quick Start Guide

    Instructions and answers to frequently asked questions can also be found in our support area

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Green customer portal
Website Control Panel via customer portal


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