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Colocation Racks

The increasing requirements for security and availability cause high infrastructure costs. This can be avoided. Our data centers offer professional colocation racks for your housing solution and provide maximum reliability – at a level previously reserved for large-scale companies.


Rack Basic 10U
Separately secured 1/3 rack

Usable height: 10U

1 Gbit/s shared Internet access

3 IPv4 and /56 IPv6

Maximum load 1 kW

99.50% SLA


Rack Pro 20U
Small space for high performance

Usable height: 20U

Redundant 1 Gbit/s shared Internet access

3 IPv4 and /56 IPv6

Maximum load: 2.5 kW

99.99% SLA

Including 720 kWh electricity


Rack Pro 48U
For business-critical servers

Usable height: 48U

Redundant 1 Gbit/s shared Internet access

27 IPv4 and /56 IPv6

Maximum load 6 kW

99.99% SLA

Including 2100 kWh electricity


Your benefits with Green colocation racks

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Excellent price-performance ratio

Benefit from all the advantages of our data centers: high energy efficiency and therefore low electricity costs, included broadband connection and multiple IP addresses. Various options ensure the right colocation solution for your particular needs.

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Certified security

Our racks are housed in security-certified data centers. Systems and equipment are divided into multiple security zones, monitored around the clock and protected by security staff as well as a multi-step access process.

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Highest security of supply

The very high physical security of our data centers is complemented by an equally secure infrastructure for your systems. Redundancies enable us to provide power and cooling with an SLA of up to 99.99%.

Our services

Comprehensive security systems

Our data centers are protected around the clock through security checks, video surveillance, access controls and other measures.

Internet access included

A broadband connection is included in the rack housing.

Multiple locations

Green operates multiple secure and well-connected data centers in Switzerland for geo-redundant solutions.

Maximum redundancy

Your racks are housed in a secure server and storage environment with multiple redundancy for power and cooling.

High availability (SLA)

A redundant network and supply infrastructure ensures 99.5–99.99% availability.

Green energy

Included power and energy for data center oparations from renewable resources.


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  • Connectivity (e.g. dark fiber, Layer 2, managed VPN)
  • Connections to other racks or to a cloud
  • Additional public IPv4 addresses


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  • Alternative rack locking systems
  • Video surveillance installation
  • Additional access badges
  • Managed firewall or DDoS protection
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Installation and operation

  • Supported relocation and installation
  • Hardware for IaaS
  • Rack equipment
  • Rack-to-rack cabling
  • ATS power switch
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Other services

  • Remote & Smart Hands by our experienced personnel, 7/24

A view into our data center