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Data Center Cage

A private data center cage meets highest security, control and efficiency requirements. You have your own separate access to your servers and storage. Privacy screens keep your cage safe from prying eyes. We provide a redundant broadband internet connection as well as direct access to a choice of 50 carriers and the ability to connect directly with your partners, suppliers and customers using cross connects.

Cage S

3 Colo Pro Racks, each with a usable height of 48U

Two1 Gbit/s shared Internet access

Maximum load 18 kW total

99.99% SLA



Cage M

6 Colo Pro Racks, each with  a usable height of 48U

Two1 Gbit/s shared Internet access

Maximum load 36 kW total

99.99% SLA


Cage L

Entirely individual setup as data center suite, 20m2 or more – also possible with your own racks

99.99% SLA

Your benefits with our data center cages

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Future-proof solutions

Our standard cages are equipped with three or six racks that allow individual configuration and adjustments to suit your needs. Maximum security is guaranteed within each cage – with additional configurations available upon request.

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Certified security

Our data center cages are housed in security-certified data centers. The facilities are divided into multiple security zones, monitored around the clock and protected by security staff as well as multi-step access process.

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Swiss location and compliance

Your data and applications remain in Switzerland, with a Swiss provider and under Swiss law. Our data center locations have been carefully selected, away from danger zones.


Guaranteed power and cooling

Your cage is housed in a secure environment with multiple redundancy for power and cooling.

Comprehensive security systems

Our data centers are protected around the clock through video surveillance, access and security checks, and other measures.

High availability (SLA)

A redundant network and supply infrastructure ensures 99.5–99.99% availability.

Data center in a data center

You will have your own space in our data center. Our cages are screened with blinds for added privacy and relaxed work on rack-to-rack cabling or special installations.

Excellent connections

A redundant internet access is included. Over 50 carrier suppliers, connections to the big Public Clouds or to SwissIX are more connectivity possibilities.


Data network development


  • Connectivity (e.g. dark fiber, Layer 2, SwissIX)
  • Connections to other racks, data center and Public Clouds
  • Additional public IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
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  • Alternative rack locking systems

  • Installation of video surveillance

  • Other customized security systems

  • Additional access badges

  • Managed firewall or DDoS protection

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Installation and operation

  • Supported relocation and installation
  • Hardware for IaaS
  • Special racks with intrusion and EMP protection
  • Rack-to-rack cabling
  • ATS power switch
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Other services

  • Remote & Smart Hands by our experienced personnel, 7/24
  • Access reporting (audit possible)

View into our data center

Do you need more space or more privacy? Then our Datacenter Suite is the right choice for you.