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Swiss Cube

Are you looking for an IT solution that will enable you to quickly roll out new applications while ensuring secure operation? Without having to invest in the hardware yourself? Then Swiss Cube is the right solution for you. With dedicated hardware, this IaaS solution provides a suitable basis for all IT projects and even for virtualization, thereby becoming a private cloud.

Swiss Cube
up to 40 employees

Recommended for 10 to 25 VMs

2 Servers

40 Cores

1 Gbit/s bandwidth

3 IPv4, /56 IPv6

99.5% SLA


Swiss Cube
up to 120 employees

Recommended for 20 to 50 VMs

3 to 5 servers

60 to 100 cores

1 Gbit/s bandwidth

3 IPv4, /56 IPv6

99.9% SLA


Swiss Cube
more than 120 employees

Recommended for more than 40 VMs

3 to 10 servers

120 to 400 cores

Two 1 Gbit/s bandwidth

28 IPv4, /56 IPv6

99.9% SLA


Your benefits with Private IaaS

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Full control

You get dedicated hardware for your sole use and benefit from calculable monthly costs. The servers are hosted in our certified Swiss data centers.

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You have no upfront costs and can adapt the solution to fit your needs. Upgrades are possible at any time. The Swiss Cube is suitable for all applications and shortens the time needed for product launches.

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All-inclusive service

Benefit from our all-inclusive service. Hardware, your own rack with power and cooling, maintenance as well as support and monitoring are all included in the price. Purchase cloud applications and licenses as needed.

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Maximum efficiency

We offer hyperconverged high-quality hardware that includes vSphere virtualization. An energy-optimized solution is run on green power.


Carefree package

Data center space, secure supply, hardware, installation and operation of the vSphere platform at a fixed monthly price.


Dedicated environment

Your Swiss Cube is housed in a rack dedicated only to you, located in one of the highly secure Green data centers.

Fully equipped

Power consumption, Internet connection and an IPv4 address range are included, as well as hyperconverged hardware with SSD disks.


The Swiss Cube is set up with vSphere (VMware). Management of hardware and vSphere is included. You can fully concentrate on your virtual servers.

Need more?

We offer support for migration, patch management of your VMs and more in collaboration with our partner.


Redundancies ensure maximum availability of power supply, hardware cooling and virtualization.


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  • Connectivity (e.g. dark fiber, Layer 2, managed VPN)
  • Connections to other racks or to a cloud
  • Dedicated Internet access
  • Additional public IPv4 addresses
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  • Backup and cyber security
  • Managed Firewall
  • DDoS protection
  • Extended monitoring
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Installation and operation

  • Migration support
  • OS patch management
  • VM operation
  • Installation of additional hardware (NAS, FW, Server)
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Special services

  • Microsoft SPLA licensing
  • Geo-redundant backup
  • Choice of location
  • ATS Power Switch

Our team will advise you individually and will be happy to work out a tailor-made solution.

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