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Green is helping Ukrainian refugees with free internet access

Інформація також доступна українською мовою.
Перейдіть на сторінку українською мовою

Keeping in touch with relatives in the war zone, finding out information, getting one’s bearings and settling in in Switzerland – all this is of key importance to the refugees from Ukraine in the difficult situation they are currently facing. We are deeply shocked by their plight and are moved by the enormous outpouring of help in Switzerland. Green is providing fast, unbureaucratic aid. For Ukrainian refugees with protection status S, Green will activate a free 12-month internet subscription. This applies to all accommodation provided by host families, NGOs and landlords giving assistance to Ukrainian refugees.

We are happy to be there for you personally

+41 56 460 29 52


How to get free internet

Frau mit Sprechblase

1. Give us a call

We look forward to your personal call on +41 56 460 29 52.

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2. Have confirmation ready

Have a confirmation ready that you provide accommodation to refugees from Ukraine.


3. Get free internet

After a few days, the WLAN router will be sent to you and internet access will be activated.

  • Details about the offer

    Under these conditions you can apply for a free internet connection as a host:

    • You will receive a free internet connection 100 Mbit/s incl. WLAN router for 12 months
    • You can confirm the accommodation of refugees from Ukraine e.g. by copy of ID Status S
    • You have a residential address in Switzerland
    • Only 1 connection per person and per residential address
    • Excluding eventual installation by electrician
    • Existing network connection to the accommodation
    • Offer valid until revoked

We are happy to be there for you personally

+41 56 460 29 52


We care

We are doing exceptionally well in Switzerland. We are aware of this. As Green as well as Green employees, we therefore make a contribution to alleviate the suffering of the Ukrainian refugees a little.