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Our commitment

As a data center provider, we consider sustainability to be of critical importance. Through our innovative ideas, we are constantly improving energy efficiency in our data centers. We are also convinced that social commitment provides us with a valuable opportunity to do something good and make a positive contribution to society.

Circle labeled Sustainability at Green, within which are the three equally weighted areas of social, environmental and governance.

At Green, we do voluntary work, supporting organizations and people in need with donations. Voluntary work allows our employees to get personally involved in various areas, such as charitable organizations, schools and other local institutions. Through our commitment, we aim to make a difference.

New live for IT devices & volunteering

Companies replace their IT equipment at regular intervals to ensure smooth operation. In most cases, however, the IT devices are still a long way away from reaching their end-of-life. The Aargau-based start-up Wir lernen weiter (wLw) puts a lot of energy into collecting and reconditioning laptops. These devices are then given to Swiss residents affected by income poverty. We are delighted to be able to extend the life cycle of our IT devices with this campaign and address the subject of sustainability at the same time. In addition to donations, our employees also volunteer and help wLw with the task of checking and reconfiguring the devices. Regular collection campaigns are also held, during which private devices previously owned by our employees and their families are collected and handed over to wLw.

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Ukraine: free internet & fundraising campaign

The war in Ukraine has shocked us all and continues to do so. We have been supporting refugees arriving in Switzerland with protection status S with a free internet subscription at their host families for a whole year. At the same time, as an emergency aid measure, we made a donation of CHF 100,000 to Swiss Solidarity and launched a social media campaign to encourage donations.

Biodiversity in Switzerland

The Bilanz Telekom Rating, where we invite our customers to take part in a survey, is carried out on a regular basis. As a thank you, for each completed questionnaire, a donation of CHF 5 is made to a nature project in Switzerland. In 2022, the WWF’s “Nature connects” project was chosen. The project promotes biodiversity in Switzerland, creating new, safe habitats for wildlife and endangered plant species in the process.