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Security solutions for SMEs

Viruses, malware and digital extortion: one in three Swiss SMEs has already been the victim of cyberattacks. And the number of attacks on SMEs is constantly increasing. However, many SMEs still underestimate this risk. The fast pace, complexity and diversity of attack methods can quickly overwhelm a company. Nevertheless, or perhaps precisely because of this, the question is: how well is your valuable data protected against loss?

Discover our diverse range of solutions, including options where experts take care of management and continuous updates for you. Automated backups ensure that you always have access to up-to-date data in the event of a loss.

Backup: effective protection against data loss

The reasons for data loss are diverse, ranging from an employee's mistake to infrastructure destruction caused by incidents like a fire or a cyber attack. With a backup at Green, you secure your data against loss and keep it in a secure data center in Switzerland.

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Cyber Protect: Backup & cybersecurity bundled

Protect your company data comprehensively with the combined backup and cybersecurity solution Cyber Protect. The holistic approach protects your data from cyberattacks and ensures that an up-to-date backup copy is always available.

Graphic: 360° cyber protection with backup protects the data, systems and APplications from malware, malicious web content, viruses and ransomware.
  • Comprehensive cyber protection for data, applications, and systems

  • Data location in Switzerland

  • Automated backup

  • Real-time data restoration

  • Pay only for the services you use


Cyber Protect Cloud

If you prefer a cloud solution for accessing Cyber Protect's services, Cyber Protect Cloud is ideal for your SME.

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Physical infrastructure

Cyber Protect Appliance

If you have dedicated hardware, Cyber Protect Appliance is the right choice. The appliance is installed according to your requirements in the desired rack at Green's data center.

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How SMEs protect their network

Man on a tablet

Managed Firewall

As the number and complexity of cyber attacks increase, an effective firewall requires continuous adaptation, updates, and monitoring of your systems, in addition to expertise.. Leave the maintenance of the firewall and the ongoing implementation of updates to us. After clarifying your requirements and needs, we will provide you with the appropriate hardware and software and ensure ongoing support.

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Cloud Security

Network Protection DDoS

DDoS attacks overload a website by flooding it with requests and can bring an entire network to a standstill. This not only affects your business operations but can also lead to reputational damage and existential threats. Protect your network effectively against DDoS attacks so that your websites, applications and online stores remain accessible at all times.

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