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Hybrid cloud: Unleash the full potential

Are you already combining the benefits of different cloud models? How well are they integrated?

Embarking on the journey to the hybrid cloud requires a long-term strategy. It should align with your overarching goals, workloads, data privacy requirements, and orchestration and automation capabilities. Each cloud journey is therefore unique, phased, and tailored to your starting point and strategy. It's as unique as your fingerprint.

Your cloud journey towards a hybrid cloud future

Graphics: How Green accelerates your Cloud Journey

A well-guided journey

We accompany companies on their journey to the cloud, step by step. In this process, new questions always arise: Which models should we combine? How can the highest security be ensured? Where do priorities? We help you find the right answers.


Holistic approach

Together, we develop a holistic strategy. You benefit from our modern infrastructure, both dedicated and shared. Based on our wide range of private and public clouds, we design and implement future-proof hybrid solutions for you. All directly at Green.

Additionally, we offer solutions such as Google Anthos, AWS Outpost, Azure Arc, and direct connections to all leading cloud providers.

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Your benefits with our solutions


Gain competitive advantages

Accelerate your time to market by simplifying the development and deployment of new applications. A hybrid cloud solution is the foundation for this, ensuring greater efficiency.

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Reducing complexity

With a hybrid cloud solution, you break down silos over time and reduce reliance on in-house data centers and systems. Instead, you opt for modern, highly interconnected platforms and external high-performance data centers.

Data network development

Optimal orchestration

Enables moving applications within your hybrid cloud whenever you want - without refactoring or re-platforming. Security and privacy aspects are managed comprehensively.

Green's Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Looking for a smart way into the cloud? One that delivers added value and supports your business goals? With our cloud solutions, we've got you covered:

Private Cloud

More freedom, more control

With Green's private cloud solutions, you start securely with dedicated resources.

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Public Cloud

Swiss Public Cloud

Public Cloud under Swiss Law? With our offering, you get a solution for sensitive data or regulated sectors.

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Cloud Access

Via the shortest routes

We connect you via the shortest route. To any cloud, locally and globally.

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Dedicated use

We are pleased to provide AWS Outpost, Azure Arc, or Google Anthos environments dedicated to your company.

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Data Center Exit


Looking to decommission your own data centers to drive cloud adoption more flexibly? We've got you covered.

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Your hardware in the most modern data center

We offer housing in one of Green's six modern Swiss data centers.

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With our connectivity offering, you get your customized networking solution.

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Journey to the Cloud

Design and implement

With an established network, we support you along your cloud journey.

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Have you got questions about our cloud solutions?

We are happy to take time for you.

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