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Customer references

Our reference customers include prestigious national and international companies. They put their trust in the security provided by our Swiss data centers and count on top levels of availability.

Data is important, and so are discretion and confidentiality

The IT company DXC runs its Europe-wide cloud services from the Zurich West Campus, ABB uses it as its European data center, Aveniq puts its trust in two Green locations and Emil Frey Automotive Trading Group found its high-availability primary data center at Green. They are just a part of our loyal customer base. Confidentiality and discretion are an important aspect of our business.

Customer success stories

Customer references

The migration to Green was very successful thanks to clear strategies, consistent contact teams and managers. The new dedicated cage in the Green Data Center with a redundant connection to the second location meets all of Emil Frey's requirements perfectly.
Gerhard Schürmann, CEO Emil Frey Group
As a company in the construction industry, a reliable infrastructure strengthens our competitiveness. In Green, we have found a strong data center partner for our IT and the technical connection of our many sales locations and production sites throughout Europe.
Fixit Group
The uncomplicated partnership with Green is constantly creating new opportunities.
Stefan Taroni, CEO Phoenix Systems
The cooperation with Green reliably guarantees the productivity and stability of our IT.
Jochen Stoll, Head of IT Infrastructure, Bell Food Group
Green data centers provide state-of-the-art housing technology.
Roland Krätschmar, Swisslog
The SIX data center migration project was a challenge for all of us. I was pleasantly surprised to see how much effort the Green staff put in on our behalf. Despite the tight timeframe, we have a state-of-the-art solution that was implemented on schedule.
Dave Brupbacher, Project Executive SIX
Together with Green, ZFV’s new IT infrastructure has been modernized and has therefore moved closer to the cloud. We can thus focus on our core area of business. Also, we have reduced our CO2 emissions by using an efficient data center.
Andreas Hunziker, CEO ZFV Enterprise
Green offers a high-quality portfolio for customers with exacting requirements, service providers and hyperscale companies that ticks all the boxes.
Wolfang Heinhaus, Leading Analyst at ISG Consulting
With its modern structure, Green’s geo-redundant data center meets our stringent requirements. The cage setup was implemented to our complete satisfaction and the physical security measures are impressive.
Roger Schellenbaum, Head of Cloud Infrastruktur at LAKE Solutions
Green is our data center provider of choice. Important criteria for us include high availability, geographical location, security and reliable cooperation. We really appreciate the good contact and cooperation with the people in charge at Green.
Peter Meier, Leiter Data Center Services at Abraxas Informatik

Further customers include


This technology leader operates its main European data center at Green’s facilities.


The largest provider of end-to-end IT solutions for the public sector relies on a data center from Green.


This IT service provider relies on Green for both its data center locations.


DXC is an IT leader that operates its European cloud computing center at Green’s facilities.

Fixit Gruppe

With offices throughout Europe, the Fixit Group relies on Green as the data center location for its IT infrastructure.

MTF Swiss Cloud

MTF is a cloud provider that operates one of its georedundant Swiss data centers at Green.