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Managed security

Protect your data and networks against threats and guarantee the availability and performance of your IT systems with managed security solutions from Green.

Managed security services

How does a security platform work?

A security platform comprises various security solutions integrated into a comprehensive platform. This includes provider-specific functions from the platform manufacturer and solutions from third-party providers. On these platforms, workflows can be used to automate recurring processes and work procedures. A security platform must offer maximum security while guaranteeing high data throughput.

With our managed security services, you benefit from enhanced protection against threats, lower costs and, thanks to automation, less strain on your IT department. At Green, we use the powerful security platform from WatchGuard to give IT security officers full control over their networks.

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Managed firewall

Make the most of our unified security platform and use Green’s Managed Firewall Service to protect your entire network against unauthorized access.

Maximum security for your network

Our network security solutions are designed from the ground up to be easy to deploy, manage and use, while at the same time offering maximum security. We offer companies the best possible security, regardless of their size or their existing expertise.

Are you in control of your networks?

Green utilizes WatchGuard’s powerful Firebox appliances. Our physical and virtual WatchGuard Firebox solutions give IT security officers full control over their networks and ensure enterprise security. 

Physical and virtual solutions available:

  • Firebox tabletop appliances*
  • Firebox rackmount appliances*
  • Firebox V

*Tabletop appliances are suitable for smaller locations, such as home offices or branches, while rackmount appliances are ideal for medium-sized and decentralized companies.


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Service packages

Our three service packages offer you the right features for your current and future business needs. 


In addition to status-based firewalls, the Basic license includes full VPN functionality and an integrated SD-WAN.


The standard license includes all the traditional network security services that are typical for a UTM device: IPS (in-plane switching), antivirus, URL filtering, application control, spam protection and reputation search. It also includes centralized management and network visualization functions.


In addition to all the services in the Standard service package, the Advanced license also includes AI malware protection, advanced network visualization functions, endpoint protection, cloud sandboxing, DNS filters and threat defense mechanisms, all directly from WatchGuard Cloud, the network visualization platform.

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Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

In today’s digital world, the protection of sensitive data is of the utmost importance. However, passwords alone are often not enough to guarantee sufficient protection. Protect your employees’ system access with multi-factor authentication.

From password to multi-factor authentication

In contrast to simple passwords, multi-factor authentication (MFA) offers an additional layer of security by using multiple factors to confirm a person’s identity. This may include passwords, fingerprints or facial recognition. This ensures that only authorized people have access to sensitive data.

But what are the benefits of multi-factor authentication?

  • Increased data security: With this additional step, or factor, MFA offers better protection of your data than simple password authentication.
  • Reduced risk of data loss: Because only authorized people have access to the data in question, the risk of data loss is reduced.

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Multi-factor authentication as a cloud solution

At Green, we utilize AuthPoint® from WatchGuard. This is a cloud service that does not require expensive hardware, is not location-dependent and can be managed via a WatchGuard Cloud interface.

There are two options available for multi-factor authentication (MFA):

AuthPoint mobile app: Push authentications, QR codes and temporary one-time passwords (OTP)

The AuthPoint mobile app provides complete transparency of login attempts through simple push notifications, allowing users to grant or block access directly from their smartphone.

AuthPoint hardware tokens: One-time password (OTP) procedure

The hardware token offers companies the protection of secure user access when the use of mobile devices is limited or restricted.

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Advantages managed security services

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Protection against threats

Our security platform offers you protection against various threats, such as malware, phishing, network attacks and much more. You can benefit from the best unified threat management (UTM) performance in every price package.


Efficient & simplified management

The comprehensive security platform simplifies the operation and management of security systems and solutions, leading to greater efficiency, productivity and satisfaction among your IT employees.

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Cost savings

By using an integrated security platform, you can save the cost of purchasing and managing multiple security solutions.

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Central reporting

Managed security services enable you to produce comprehensive reports listing all threats.