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Leading the way in energy efficiency for data centers

The world has become digital, and the sheer volume of data is growing exponentially. Large amounts of data need to be transmitted, processed, and stored. At any time.

But data is not just numbers, and clouds are neither soft nor weightless. They require hardware, infrastructure, facilities, personnel, and a lot of energy.

We strongly believe that we can make a significant contribution to a sustainable digital future with new approaches and technologies, systematic optimization, and the promotion of renewable energy: for businesses, people, and the environment.

More sustainable with energy-efficient data centers

Only high-performance and efficient data centers form a sustainable infrastructure. Green has more than doubled its data center capacity over the last three years and developed as well as implemented new approaches to reduce energy consumption.


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We increase efficency

Technical equipment, architecture, and building design of our data centers are precisely coordinated. Our engineering team measures hundreds of operating data points to ensure continuous optimization during operation.

Studies show that many data centers cool far too much. We work with enclosed cold aisles and match temperatures according to individual customer needs and hardware requirements. We only cool what is absolutely necessary. In addition, we use ambient air as natural cooling on more than 300 days a year. By doing so, we make a significant contribution to energy efficiency.

Green Datacenter Solar panels

We reduce the carbon footprint

We are reducing our carbon footprint by sourcing electricity from renewable energy sources for data center facilities, cooling, and operations.

With photovoltaic systems on roofs and in facade elements, we also contribute to climate-friendly power generation.

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We're exploring new paths

Exploring new paths and driving innovation: By incorporating 100% recycled end-of-life aluminum, we are launching a Swiss premiere. The new material reduces the CO2 footprint by a factor of 40.

Over 167 tons of CO2 emissions are saved - equivalent to 890,000 driven car kilometers or 73 flights from Zurich to New York.

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We utilize waste heat

Initiated by Green, the Metro-Campus Zurich is creating a heating network that can generate heat for more than 11,500 homes in the region and supply surrounding businesses with process heat. District heating can replace thousands of fossil-fuel heating systems. This saves around 65,000 tons of CO2 and 24.9 million liters of fuel oil per year.

At the same time, the heating network returns valuable cool air through the circulation system, which saves energy in the data center. Supplemented by our freecooling systems, we significantly reduce energy consumption for cooling.

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Energy-efficient data centers are an asset for companies

Most corporate-owned data centers are not primarily designed for excellent energy efficiency. Site constraints, tight design specifications, and even the comparatively limited size of data centers require many compromises. Such data centers consume about 80% more energy for power and cooling per every kilowatt consumed – while leading optimized data centers get by with about 20% of the energy. This also impacts costs: IT becomes more expensive to run, with each kilowatt of consumption driving up costs.

What do our leading data centers offer?

  • Safety and operational excellence according to world-leading standards
  • Energy efficiency thanks to systematic and constant optimization
  • Highly efficient operation due to optimal utilization of the facilities
  • Future-proofing through constant investment in equipment, new technologies, and energy efficiency
  • Dedicated engineering teams to advance the data centers and support customers

New holistic concepts and technologies are ready for sustainable digitization. Talk to us and learn more.

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