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The best internet subscription for your home

With an internet subscription from Green, you surf quickly, securely and cheaply on the best network in Switzerland.

Check available internet speed and benefit from our special price


Details for the special offer

The offer is valid for new Internet Home XS and XL subscriptions. In the first 12 months, you will receive the subscription at the promotional price. After that, the normal price applies. The minimum contract period is 24 months. The promotion is valid for new customers and cannot be combined with other promotions. Subject to change without notice

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Combine internet with TV and landline telephony

TV Start

Combine your internet subscription with TV and enjoy

120+ channels

12. CHF/mth

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TV Comfort

Combine your internet subscription with TV and enjoy

250+ channels, 500 h recording time, 7 days replay, live pause

18. CHF/mth

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Combine your internet subscription with telephony and stay connected

1 phone number included

0. CHF base fee

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Convenient TV entertainment: via app, WebTV or Chromecast. TV box available on request.

Make calls cheaply within Switzerland and abroad or take advantage of attractive flat rates. You can also use the convenient app.

Benefits with an internet connection from Green

Piggy bank

Top speed – fair prices

With Green, you benefit twice: unbeatable prices and top speed. As an internet provider, we use the Swisscom network and various city networks.

Space rocket

High speed internet

Surf throughout Switzerland over the fiber-optic network at speeds of up to 10 Gigabit/s or with the fastest DSL technology. Choose your suitable internet speed.

Film flap

TV entertainment

Convenient viewing with Green TV: via app, WebTV or Chromecast. TV Box available on request.

Man and woman


We give you the support you need to choose the right offer for you. We're happy to help.

Did you know that Green is one of the largest internet providers in Switzerland? We regularly come out on top in comparison tests and win against the best-known providers.

Satisfied customers

Uncomplicated, quick and competent help. The employee illustrated the matter well for me with helpful examples. I was able to learn quite a bit in the process. I am very satisfied with the service. Many thanks
G. S. Andersohn
Although I am only a VERY small customer, I was again served excellently when I had some uncertainties. Both professionally and humanly I felt very well taken care of and the whole thing was done in the shortest possible time. Thank you.
R. Kühni
Home internet speed drops in the evening, when people stream the stuff. The rest around home internet (support, prices, offers/discounts etc.) is perfect! The speed drops was fixed in a couple of days after my feedback. Green you are the best!
D. Tikhomirov
Thank you so much for making everything run so perfectly!
M. Harter
Fast, unbureaucratic service! I can only recommend!
A. Gerber

More on internet subscriptions in the factsheet

Any questions? We're happy to help.
+41 56 460 23 23

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Affordable and secure internet for SMEs

Do you need an internet connection with fixed IP address, firewall, internet failover, enhanced support services or multiple phone numbers for your business?


Answers to frequently asked questions

  • What do WLAN and Wi-Fi mean?

    WLAN stands for Wireless Local Area Network. Internet access is provided via this local wireless network. Many people use the word “WLAN” to refer to an internet connection. Wi-Fi is a type of WLAN. More information on Wikipedia

  • What is the difference between DSL, VDSL, fiber and cable?

    DSL and VDSL are internet connections via copper cable. Network providers are expanding their networks with fiber-optic cables. Therefore, increasing numbers of people will access the internet via fiber-optic cables in the future, enjoying higher bandwidth and greater performance. Some internet providers use cable connections, so-called COAX cables. Mobile internet is provided via 4G or 5G wireless technology.

  • Which network providers does Green work with?

    We use Swisscom’s network and various city networks to provide our customers with the perfect internet experience. Our customers benefit from an exceptional service at a fair price.

  • How do I measure my internet speed with a speedtest?

    A speedtest shows the speed of your internet connection. Check your internet speed with the Green speedtest.

Any questions? We're happy to help.
+41 56 460 23 23

Or simply write us here.
Our team is ready to support you.