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Colocation & housing 

Continuous system availability is crucial for many businesses. However, operating one's own data centers is becoming increasingly complex and costly, especially concerning reliability, physical security, and sustainability. Are you seeking a secure location for your IT infrastructure without worries about system failures, unauthorized access, or space constraints?

Your partner for secure and efficient data housing

Our data centers are designed to meet your specific IT requirements – whether for individual racks or entire rooms needed for your IT infrastructure.

Colocation & Housing

Colocation racks

Lease your half or full racks in the Green Colocation Zones and benefit from top-notch infrastructure.

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Colocation & Housing

Data center cage

Benefit from additional security with exclusive access and privacy shield - your own data center within the Green Datacenter.

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Colocation & Housing

Data center suite

Lease entire rooms, floors, or even buildings for your IT infrastructure with our Datacenter Suite.

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Colocation, rack, cage, or just connectivity?

We assess your requirements for rack units, square meters, rack power, and connectivity together with you

Why choose Green as your partner

24/7 availability

Redundancies & reliability

Multiple redundancies for cooling and power ensure uninterrupted operation even in unforeseen events. These state-of-the-art infrastructures not only provide maximum security but also efficiency in handling potential challenges.


Certified excellence

As Switzerland's leading data hub, we offer businesses security and availability, verified and certified according to international standards. Continuous documentation of our security standards, regular process audits, and employee training ensure that our services consistently and measurably meet the highest requirements.

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Efficient & sustainable

Our data centers are designed to provide not only top performance but also maximum energy efficiency. Through advanced cooling technologies, optimized energy distribution, and the use of renewable energy sources, we minimize our ecological footprint.

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Leading data center provider

The renowned market research firm ISG has consistently recognized Green as a leading provider of data center services and colocation in Switzerland. The study not only underscores our competitiveness but also highlights the attractiveness of our portfolio.

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