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Cloud Connect

Equip your business for the future with a lean and efficient cloud architecture. Cloud Connect from Green facilitates an efficient connection with the world’s leading cloud service providers, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, and with the world’s largest data centers, system integrators and managed services providers.

Cloud Connect

Your direct connection to AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and more

Want to make the most of the potential offered by public clouds? Then leverage the future-proof network infrastructure of our Swiss data hub! With Cloud Connect, Green gives you greater performance, greater agility and low latency, so that you can efficiently connect your infrastructure and get the most out of cloud services.

Which solution best suits your needs? At Green, you’ll find the connection you need. We can connect you with all public cloud providers and more than 700 data centers around the world. We’re here to give you comprehensive, neutral advice on our services.

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Your benefits with cloud connect

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Cost efficiency

You only pay for the bandwidth you actually need for your business.



Connect to your required cloud services in just a few clicks. 


Control over your data

Cloud Connect gives you control over your network connections when transferring your data to public and private clouds.

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Easy management

Cloud Connect reduces the complexity of managing multiple physical connections. Manage all your connections from one place.

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No cable chaos

Benefit from a fast, dedicated connection, without the need for additional physical connections.

Want to get the most out of the public cloud?

We’ll be more than happy to advise you.

Cloud Connectivity

Cloud connectivity makes your cloud services perform even better by building your network architecture on a foundation of dedicated connectivity. We give you the flexibility and speed to network in a targeted manner and to operate effectively in the cloud.

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Hybrid Cloud Connectivity

With hybrid cloud connectivity, your public and private cloud resources and in-house infrastructure are fully connected via a redundant network.

Enjoy the security and reliability of a high-performance hybrid cloud architecture and maintain control over your data.


Grafische Visualisierung der Multi-Cloud Connectivity

Multi Cloud Connectivity

Multi-cloud connectivity lets you connect to several public cloud providers and bundle your cloud applications. Just one access point connects you to several cloud regions. This allows you to take advantage of different cloud providers, reduce your dependency on single providers, and increase the flexibility and scalability of your IT infrastructure. A multicloud strategy also allows you to deploy your data and applications in multiple regions or countries to meet data protection and compliance requirements.

Grafische Visualisierung der Cloud-to2-Cloud Connectivity


You no longer need your own devices or physical infrastructure: instead, you can connect to different clouds via virtual routing, creating multi-cloud networks between different regions.