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Virtual data center VDC Pro

Our scalable virtual data center VDC Pro allows you to adapt your computing capacity to your requirements while optimizing costs through the rental model.


  • Higher flexibility and responsiveness
  • Operated in Switzerland, which means your data stays in Switzerland
  • This enhances both security and availability

Focus on your core business, forge ahead with digitalization and boost your success with a powerful and extremely flexible IT infrastructure.

The virtual data center from Green stands out


Flexible & fast

  • High scalability for flexibility and fast growth
  • Server operable within seconds
  • Easily connected to your racks and cages
  • Good internet connection and connections to international public clouds
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  • Independent management and expansion
  • All functions in the user portal can be addressed and integrated in your system via REST API
  • Track costs at any time
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  • Georedundancy with two well-secured locations
  • Data remains in Switzerland
  • Switzerland-based support
  • Optional firewall and backup solutions
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Pay as you go

  • Only services actually used are billed
  • Rent hardware instead of buying
  • Operated in energy-efficient data centers
  • No investment in hardware, cooling, maintenance, space
  • No outlays for physical security measures

Boost your business's growth with a flexible and secure IT infrastructure.

Get in touch with us. We'd love to tell you more about VDC Pro.

How to use VDC Pro

Handle spikes with ease when needs fluctuate

Combine your rack/cage at Green with VDC Pro and handle short-term spikes in computing requirements easily with the virtual data center. Use the flexibility of the rental model to keep pace with the ebb and flow of your business.

VDC Pro as a backup solution

Our virtual data center is also an ideal backup solution. Your data is securely stored in Swiss data centers.

Infrastructure as a Service solution in the public cloud

If you appreciate the advantages of IaaS and the public cloud, we’ll completely virtualize your infrastructure in the public cloud. Migrating your IT infrastructure to a virtual data center at Green is not just an attractive solution in terms of costs, but also offers the security of knowing your data is stored in Switzerland.

Easy client management for IT resellers 

VDC Pro enables the logical separation and management of client infrastructures. Our software makes it easy to bill individual clients and set up individual access authorizations. 

Flexible environments for software developers

Focus on your core business and enjoy the flexibility and scalability of a virtual data center. Do you need test environments that are available fast and can be adapted to requirements? Or do you have demo systems that are only occasionally used, but need performance on-demand? Or a scalable solution for SaaS services? The potential uses are many and varied. With VDC Pro, you benefit not only from fast availability and flexibility but also the cost-optimized pay-as-you-go model. If you don’t need the additional resources, you won’t pay for them either.

Unlimited resources, low operating costs, fast provision.

We’d love to show you how VDC Pro can support your business too.

Intuitive platform management software

Plug & play capability and an informative dashboard enable you to start operating your virtual data center and perfectly configure it to your needs in the blink of an eye. Check out these features:

  • Create Windows and Linux servers with a click in just seconds 
  • Create individual users with different access rights to organizations and infrastructures 
  • Logs to view and track changes
  • Implement alternative load-balancing solutions
  • Independently create high-availability clusters 
  • Access all relevant information about your virtual resources in a central dashboard for efficient monitoring and management

Our team will advise you individually and will be happy to work out a tailor-made solution.

Call us for a no-obligation conversation or reach out to us via the form.