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Swiss Cube IBM Power

Do you already use IBM Power systems and would like to access them from the cloud as Infrastructure as a Service in the future? Then the Swiss Cube, managed by Unimission, is the ideal solution.

wiss Cube IBM Power graphic: managed by Unimission, powered by IBM Power, hosted by Green

This Swiss Cube is also hosted in Green’s state-of-the-art data centers, meaning you can benefit from maximum security at our Swiss data centers.


Swiss Cube IBM Power offers Infrastructure as a Service for IBM i, AIX, and Linux, based on the latest IBM Power technology. The infrastructure is located in Green’s secure, geo-redundant data centers and is managed by Unimission.

Swiss Cube IBM Power is suitable for complex IT environments with very high requirements regarding availability and performance, but also for smaller companies with less complex requirements. By using Swiss Cube, you can optimize your Capex/Opex costs, increase flexibility and scalability, and benefit from the expertise of three strong partners.

Swiss Cube

IBM Power Systems are built for business agility, privacy, and unmatched performance. Use Infrastructure as a Service for your high workloads, such as SAP HANA or ORACLE, and leave the operation to Unimission.

Managed by Unimission, powered by IBM, hosted by Green

Benefit from dedicated hardware from IBM Power. Thanks to the IaaS rental model, you don’t need to invest in the acquisition, operation, or maintenance of this hardware. Thanks to its scalability, the services can be adapted to your needs. And best of all, you only pay for the services you actually purchase. It is managed by our ecosystem partner Unimission, while Green’s state-of-the-art, geo-redundant data centers located in Switzerland offer maximum security.

Stephan Erni, Unimission

Chief Sales Officer

Marco Stadler

Chief Sales Officer

Get to know our partners from the Green Ecosystem

Our motto “Full Stack IT Service” represents our commitment to developing comprehensive and needs-oriented ICT services together with our customers. We work with our strategic partners Green and IBM to operate the Swiss Cube IBM Power. Overcome the shortage of skilled workers and hand over operational responsibility to us so that you can focus on your core business. We help you implement the next generation of ICT solutions by responding to, understanding, and addressing your needs.

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For more than a century, IBM has dedicated itself to the success of every customer and to creating innovations that make a difference in the world. IBM Power systems are an essential foundation for your hybrid cloud. IBM Power systems are built for business agility, privacy, and unmatched performance. Move your heavy workloads, such as SAP HANA or ORACLE, to Swiss Cube IBM Power and hand over operations to Unimission and Green.