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Datacenter Interconnect (DCI)

Are your data centers already securely and redundantly interconnected? With Data Center Interconnect, we connect two or more data centers with each other, allowing you to benefit from high-performance connectivity, high availability, and redundant connections.

Data center interconnection with Green

Powerful data center interconnections are the lifeline of the business world. Green connects data centers competently, securely, and quickly as a versatile data hub. By connecting to our Green Datacenters, you benefit from direct connections to public cloud providers, carriers, and connectivity options to the entire world. 

With Data Center Interconnect from Green, you benefit from

  • low latency
  • reliable data transmission
  • higher availability through our redundant backbone
  • high-end security solutions
  • certified security standards
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What challenges does digitalization pose?

Trends in technology such as IoT, Big Data, cloud, hybrid work, and the associated increase in data volumes are changing the way companies collaborate with their customers and partners. To remain competitive in the long term and keep up with the digital transformation, companies must adapt their IT infrastructure to the new realities. Hybrid cloud solutions, powerful data centers, and sustainable interconnections play a central role in this. As an innovative data center provider that thinks ahead to tomorrow, Green is the right partner for future challenges.

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Your professional backbone

Green makes reliable data transfer its top priority. To ensure high transfer capacities, our backbone boasts multiple redundancies and security provisions.


Low latency

The closer, the faster: Benefit from low latency thanks to excellent connections and short distances to the major public clouds. Our fast connections help you to evolve within Switzerland and internationally from USA, Europe to China.

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Optimal value for money

You benefit from all the advantages of the Green infrastructure: high levels of efficiency resulting in lower costs, and a range of options for just the right customized solutions.

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High levels of security

Our locations meet the most stringent security requirements in line with applicable national and international standards. Certified processes, "state of the art" encryption, and numerous other technical measures protect your data.

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DCI dark fiber

The service Datacenter Interconnect Dark Fiber allows customers with their own telecommunications equipment to build a Datacenter Interconnect service tailored to their needs. We are happy to offer connections from other or customer-owned data centers to a Green Datacenter upon request.

Fiber connections

Your benefits with DCI dark fiber

  • Own service infrastructure end-to-end
  • Dedicated fiber
  • Redundant connections possible
  • Low latency times.

Datacenter Interconnect


Improve your data transmission with SwissIX and gain direct access to a leading Internet Exchange Point in Switzerland.

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Datacenter Interconnect

Cross Connect

Enhance your data transmission in the Green Datacenter with Cross Connects for direct connections and increased efficiency.

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  • What is Datacenter Interconnect (DCI)?

    Datacenter Interconnect (DCI) connects two or more data centers over varying distances.

  • What is the purpose of Datacenter Interconnect (DCI)?

    With the development of technology, data centers are becoming increasingly important. The failure of a data center could have catastrophic consequences for companies that rely on its connections and data availability. By physically connecting one or more data centers, resources and storage can be shared. In the event of one data center failing, another can take over the necessary services and ensure service availability for businesses.

  • What i a carrier room?

    Carrier rooms are physical spaces within a data center that contain connections to various national and international network service providers.

  • What is a meet-me room?

    A meet-me room is a physical space within a data center where network service providers can interconnect their networks and exchange traffic with each other. These connections are made through so-called cross-connects.