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Cyber Protect Cloud

One in every three Swiss SMEs has already fallen victim to a successful cyberattack. The consequences can often be severe: data loss and reputational damage, dissatisfied customers and even financial ruin. How well is your company prepared in terms of cybersecurity and data protection?

One malicious link or attachment, a deceptively authentic-looking form, a software gap – and the damage is done. From one second to the next, you no longer have access to your data. It is either lost completely or encrypted with a ransom demand attached.

How can I protect myself against cyberattacks?

Our intelligent fully-integrated security solution offers you comprehensive cyber protection for your data and systems. Thanks to the automated backup, recovery of your valuable data in real time is ensured.

And the highlight: Cyber Protect Cloud can be set up according to your environment and workloads, and adjusted at any time. You only pay for the services you purchase in the respective month.

Data is your most important asset. Protect it now.

Please get in touch with us. We will be happy to advise you.

How much does Cyber Protect Cloud cost?

You only pay for the services you purchase every month. You can use the sample calculation below to estimate your individual monthly subscription fee.  

  • Sample calculation: Company with 8 employees

    1 server (virtual in Azure Cloud)
    65 GB storage used
    CHF 5.85/VM
    CHF 0.06/GB
    8 licensed Office users
    834 GB storage used by:
    8 mailboxes, One Drive and 2 SharePoint websites
    CHF 2.90/user
    8 laptops with advanced security 
    URL filtering, malware, ransom and virus protection
    CHF 0.90/laptop
    Total (excl. VAT) CHF 40.15/month


Your benefits with our cyber protection

Cloud with lock in front of it

Maximum data security

Encryption protects your data during storage as well as during transmission. A latest-generation AI solution works around the clock to ensure that no one except you can access your data.

Shield with lock

Proactive monitoring

Protect your data proactively with optimized maintenance routines. The integrity of your hard drives is constantly monitored, security gaps are closed, and any vulnerabilities are routinely assessed.

Location marker with a lock

Data located in Switzerland

Your backups are stored in a Green data center in Switzerland in compliance with certified security standards and under Swiss jurisdiction.

Person with circling arrows


Cyber Protect Cloud can be set up to meet your requirements and can be adjusted at any time. In addition, you only pay for the services you purchase every month.

Smart protection

Protection against attacks

  • Protection by the latest AI solution
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware/ransomware
  • Closing of security gaps through patch management
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Support of over 20 platforms

Backup and restore

  • File and image backup of workstations, virtual machines and servers
  • Disaster recovery
  • Local or cloud storage

Simple management

  • Management of backups in groups
  • Dashboards and reports
  • Centralized management for user-friendly, intuitive administration

All details can be found in the factsheet

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Any questions about Cyber Protect Cloud and cybersecurity?

Our team is happy to advise.

* Billing takes place on a monthly basis. You pay nothing for the first month. Following this trial period, you will be charged for services purchased according to the prices listed in the fact sheet. You also benefit from free-of-charge activation and the basic fee is waived. You can cancel your subscription at any time. A notice period of 1 month applies.