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Internet offers for SMEs

A powerful internet connection is the backbone of any modern business, as it enables seamless communication, efficient data traffic and access to cloud services in real time. That's why it's important to focus not only on speed and security, but also on robust resilience. Our solutions provide companies with an internet they can rely on - at all times and under all circumstances.

Our Internet connections for companies

Internet Home

Fast internet subscriptions without frills

Surf at high speed on the best network in Switzerland.

Business Connect

The perfect Internet for your business

Our bandwidths, failover and support services are tailored precisely to your needs.

A man wants a website built

Business Internet vs. Internet Home

Business Internet is an internet service specially developed for business purposes. But how does Business Internet differ from Internet Home or private internet?

  1. Higher speed: Business Internet offers faster speeds than private internet connections, as companies often have to connect several devices and users to the internet at the same time.
  2. Availability: With Business Internet, you can include guaranteed availability in your offer to benefit from guaranteed availability.
  3. Static IP addresses: Unlike dynamic IP addresses, static IP addresses do not change, so you can always be reached from the internet under the same IP address. This ensures the continuous availability of a company’s online applications.
  4. Security: With Business Internet from Green, you benefit from advanced security features to protect business data and networks from threats.
  5. Support: With a Business Internet subscription, you can enjoy enhanced support services.

Don’t need these services for your company? Then you may be interested in our Internet Home subscriptions for private customers.

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