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GDI Blockchain Study 2023

The study "HYPE OR HELP? The real benefits of blockchain" from the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute is out! We were delighted to collaborate and get involved in this forward-looking topic.

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Blockchain is much more than just technology for cryptocurrencies. Blockchain provides the technical basis for business processes to be digitized and automated even more securely, enabling efficient collaboration. It also creates more robust digital infrastructures.

«Blockchain enables entirely new business models. Thanks to this infrastructure technology, data and value can be stored and traded efficiently, resiliently, transparently, and securely.» Roger Süess, CEO, Green

Blockchain offers new opportunities to align digitalization with values such as security, reliability, privacy and trust. Read about what blockchain can do in different processes in our exciting study. 

Very interesting are the three applications on the basis of which the authors highlight opportunities as well as challenges of the technology:

  • Self-souvereign identities
  • Distributed management of sensitive data
  • Tracking and tracing of goods

Or would you like to learn about a few use cases from a wide range of industries? In addition, you will find tips in the study on what companies should pay attention to when implementing a blockchain project.

You can find out this and much more about the forward-looking technology in the study. We hope you enjoy reading it.

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