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Simply register domain for website

Is your desired domain still available? Then register it now with just a few clicks. By the way, we offer hundreds of alternative domain endings. What’s more, you can now get your .ch domain for just 5 francs for the first year.*


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Why you should book your domain with Green

At Green, in addition to the many well-known domain extensions such as .ch, .de and .com, you can register hundreds of other domains at fair prices without any hassle. And it goes without saying that the Swiss Customer Care Center will be happy to assist you if needed.

Looking for a bit of Swissness for your website? Then book a .swiss domain and a Green web hosting package today – your data will also be stored securely in the certified Swiss data center. Register a .swiss domain now


CHF 5.00 in the first year*


CHF 14.40 / year


CHF 21.60 / year


CHF 118.80 / year


CHF 22.80 / year


CHF 34.80 / year


CHF 34.80 / year


CHF 34.80 / year


CHF 34.80 / year


CHF 118.80 / year


CHF 94.80 / year


CHF 118.80 / year

* This promotion is limited to .ch domains. The minimum contract period is 12 months. After expiration of the first contract year, the normal annual price of CHF 14.40 will be charged.

Your .ch domain is secured with DNSSEC

DNSSEC prevents your website visitors from being redirected to a malicious website. When somebody calls up your domain name, a DNS server (Domain Name System) converts the domain name into an IP address and calls up the website server. The DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) service verifies the integrity of DNS entries to ensure that the website is not provided via the wrong IP address or web hosting server. What’s more, DNSSEC signs and protects all DNS record types. For example, it also secures email addresses via the corresponding domain name.  

 DNSSEC is included in every .ch domain booking with Green and activated automatically.

«Green-Support hat mein Problem beim Hosting verschiedener Domains sachlich und zeitlich bestens gelöst - einmal mehr bin ich sehr froh, bei Green mit meinem Hosting 'zu Hause' zu sein!»
Robert Süess
«Als Laie in Sachen Domain und korrekte Verknüpfung war ich auf diese Hilfe angewiesen und empfand es als sehr angenehm auf Ihren Support zurückgreifen zu können, als ich nicht weiter wusste. Ich danke Ihnen allen sehr für diesen Service.»
«Super schnelle Erledigung der Anforderung und Anpassung der Einstellungen der Domain und DNS Einträge.»

Transfer domain

Green will help you transfer your existing domain so that you can enjoy the low domain prices. Transfer your domain to Green today

How to register your domain with Green

  • How do I secure the domain I want?

    Enter your chosen domain name in the domain checker. If the domain is no longer available, you will be shown different alternatives. The selected domain will be displayed in the shopping cart. You can then add a web hosting package to your order. Just enter your personal details and you can place your order right away. To the detailed description

  • Can umlauts be used for the domain name?

    There are pros and cons to using umlauts in your domain name. Green recommends registering multiple domains to ensure you can take advantage of both web addresses. Learn more about umlauts in domains.

  • Can anyone register a .swiss domain?

    Companies with Swiss company names and registered Swiss brands can apply for a .swiss domain. Domain names with a clear connection to Swiss products are also possible. You can find detailed information here: Requirements for a .swiss domain

  • When will my domain be available?

    Processing will begin once you have reserved your domain and initiated the payment. Activating a .ch or .com domain takes the shortest amount of time – around four hours in each case. We will notify you as soon as the domain has been registered and will send you your personal control panel login details by email.

  • How can I manage the DNS for my domain?

    In the control panel, you can view the DNS for your domain and manage it manually or using the templates provided. When you select a template, your DNS is automatically configured via the Green web hosting system. 

  • How can I change an incorrectly registered domain name?

    Unfortunately, you cannot make any subsequent changes to the domain name or extension of your booked domain. In this case, we recommend that you reserve the domain you want. Then, at the end of the contract, you can cancel the domain that you booked by mistake. Or might it be a good idea to keep this domain? After all, website visitors sometimes make typos.

Do you have further questions?

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