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Time to prepare your IT for the future

Are you achieving your goals with your existing IT strategy? Is your IT infrastructure agile enough to lead your company into the future? Benefit by talking to us. We’ll show you what actions you can take.

Many companies are now rethinking their priorities in order to meet the demands of a data-driven company.  


Get in touch if: 

  • You want more security in your IT infrastructure
  • You want to replace or outsource aging IT infrastructures, particularly legacy systems
  • You are looking for more flexibility and scalability for specific workloads 
  • You need to be fully compliant with industry-specific standards 
  • You require more cost efficiency and want to bid farewell to high CAPEX costs 
  • You need to connect cloud and existing systems – in a secure, cost-effective and direct manner
  • Sustainability is relevant to you
  • The shortage of skilled workers is holding you back in your attempts to implement your IT strategy 

Explore your options with a hybrid solution – consisting of colocation and cloud. Our teams draw on years of expertise to develop a phased, realistic plan for a modern IT infrastructure. 


Why it’s worth talking to us:

From ABB to Six

We support well-known companies in setting up their IT infrastructure securely. From ABB to Six. And many more besides. 

The cloud center

Our data centers are where international cloud providers (hyperscalers) keep their data. Make the most of this. 

No. 1 in colocation

Green has once again been named the leading Swiss colocation and data center provider. 

Our team is here for you:

Bild: Marco Stadler, Green

Provides comprehensive support to large-scale customers on their journey to the cloud – excellent international connections with a large network of partners: 

Marco Stadler
Chief Sales Officer

Bild: Martin Schlick, Green

Your solution partner for ICT companies and for specific questions about colocation, connectivity, and housing.  

Martin Schlick
Lead ICT Solutions

Bild: Jeremy Stähli, Green

Understands the needs of industry and retail thanks to years of experience. Your point of contact when it comes to modernizing your IT infrastructure. 

Jeremy Stähli
Lead Industry & Retail Solutions

Bild: Ti Liu, Green

With years of experience supporting international clients, your point of contact when it comes to setting up your IT in Switzerland. 

Ti Liu
Head of Greater China & International

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