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Site networking enables you to exchange and share data and applications securely and efficiently between your company’s sites, even over great distances. Using technologies such as MPLS and IPsec VPN, you can connect your networks securely and reliably. The result: better collaboration, more efficient communication, and higher productivity.

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Secure data transfer with IPsec VPN

Combine the benefits of the internet with the security of private networks.

IPsec VPN (Internet Protocol Security Virtual Private Network) provides a secure, virtual private network over a public network (internet). It encrypts your data transmission and ensures that only authorized users are able to access the VPN network.

Grafic IPSec

Are you familiar with the advantages of the IPsec VPN technology solution?

With IPsec VPN, you benefit from a high level of security for the transmission of your data and enable users to access private networks and applications from anywhere in the world. The solution is ideal for companies wanting to protect their data and applications while providing their employees with a flexible and remote working option.

  • Security: Your data traffic is transported over the internet in encrypted form and unauthorized access to your data by third parties is prevented.
  • Remote access: Authorized users from anywhere in the world can access the private network.
  • Flexibility: You benefit from increased flexibility to make changes to the network without causing failures or delays.

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Cloud with MPLS connects locations
Site networking

Multi-protocol label switching MPLS

Powerful management of data traffic in large networks

MPLS (multi-protocol label switching) is a method used in modern data networks to control data traffic. It allows you to transfer data packets over a network by assigning each packet with a label. This label is used as information for routers forwarding data traffic within the network.

What advantages does MPLS offer over traditional network protocols?

  • Reliability: secure, flexible, and reliable transfer of VPN data within the company network.
  • High performance: You benefit from high performance, which is achieved both through
  • Optimization: Applications can be optimized with QoS (Quality of Service) and CoS (Class of Service).
  • Relieve the burden on your IT department: We will support you in operating and monitoring your network, relieving the burden on your company’s IT department.
  • Security: MPLS only uses private network structures, which guarantees a high level of security.

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