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Journey to the Cloud: Unleash your potential

Are you strategically advancing your cloud journey? Lead your enterprise forward and navigate the cloud journey with precision and foresight.

We assist you in planning and implementing the stages, replacing legacy systems, or migrating to modern data centers and incorporating cloud services - whether from the private or public cloud.

Well planned and step-by-step into the cloud

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The right path to the cloud

Cloud applications are indispensable in the enterprise environment. However, the strategy in many large companies is no longer to quickly move everything to the cloud - that is, 'cloud-first' - but rather to develop a smart cloud strategy. One that delivers real value along the company's goals, tailored to needs, resources, and regulatory requirements.

"By 2027, 65 percent of all workloads worldwide will be deployed cloud-ready."


Our solutions for your journey to the cloud

Ready for the future?

We are happy to assist you with all questions regarding the development of a sustainable, smart cloud strategy.

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Hybrid Cloud

Discover our solutions for your hybrid cloud.

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Datacenter Outsourcing

Are your own data centers slowing down the transformation? Then a replacement might be beneficial.

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A Cloud Ecosystem of solutions


Unified within the Green Cloud Ecosystem, leading partners from all IT disciplines collectively offer solutions for your cloud journey. We take on the role of the cornerstone, developing tailored platforms for you, bringing technology partners and IT integrators together, and creating managed services upon request, allowing you to continue focusing on your core business.


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What role does sustainability play on your Cloud Journey?

Advancing digitalization, the use of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and the spread of IoT are leading to more and more data. This is why we not only need secure, powerful and scalable data centers, but above all data centers that consistently optimize their energy efficiency.

That's exactly what we do at Green. We pay attention to every detail, invest in new technologies and systems, make waste heat usable and cooperate with partners. Our customers benefit from this.


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