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Simply create your own website

Building a website isn't rocket science these days. Now build your own homepage in just five steps instead of hiring an expensive agency.

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1. Find the right domain

To ensure that your offer can be found quickly and easily on the Internet, it is important to have the right Internet address for your website. Check right away whether your desired domain, such as www.mydomain.... is still available.
Secure your domain name right away

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2. Choose a secure web host

Your website needs a home. This is on a server with a web host. A good web hosting provider will host your website on servers with the necessary performance and security. This guarantees that your website remains easily accessible at all times and loads quickly. See for yourself why you can rely on Green:
Secure web hosting for your website

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3. Build a cool website

There are two options: Either you build your website with a content-management-system (CMS) like WordPress, Typo3 or Drupal. By the way, within Web hosting package from Green there are multiple CMS already pre-installed for free. For a WordPress-Homepage we recommend our optimised WordPress Hosting . Or you create your website with a construction kit - like the free website-builder from Green:


To the Website-Builder

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4. Use templates and ready-made elements

Use already finshed expansions: The Website-Builder from Green offers different elements so that you can build you website easily. With WordPress websites, existing extensions can be integrated with a click using so-called plugins. And to make things even quicker and easier: use existing templates - templates are also available free of charge in the Website Builder.

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5. Check and publish website

Show your family and friends your new website. With that you get a direct feedback and can change last Inconsistencies. And then... go live with your website!

Would you like more tips?

Here you can find more information to create your cool website:
How do I create a website?

Prefer to have a website created?

Do you want to have your website created by a professional instead of building it yourself? Our partner will build your website on the basis of web hosting from Green. This allows you to benefit from all the advantages in terms of security and performance. Find out more here: To the offer


Whether you choose a CMS system or opt for a website builder to create your website, at Green, you can select from all these systems - hosted in Swiss data centers with the highest security standards. Everything you need for your website is available at Green, all in one place, at fair prices.

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