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SD-WAN (software-defined wide-area network) is a software-defined approach to managing WANs and enables simplified connectivity management using automation and cloud-based management.

Grafic SD-Wan
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SD-WAN as a future-proof solution 

SD-WAN uses different technologies for data transmission, whether via broadband internet services, MPLS (multi-protocol label switching) or wireless WAN. To efficiently steer data traffic through the WAN, SD-WAN uses a cloud-based management system. It automatically selects the best connection for the respective application to optimize data transmission. This process takes into account any application requirements in terms of bandwidth and latency. 

Dynamically routed data traffic improves the user experience for your applications and at the same time ensures that you benefit from improved data security thanks to application-sensitive guidelines. In addition, the central management dashboard provided in the cloud simplifies configuration and management tasks. 

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Better WAN performance 

Challenges for IT departments 

The introduction of cloud applications in the form of SaaS or IaaS leads to a massive increase in data traffic. This presents IT managers with new challenges: the task of managing networks and applications is becoming more and more complex, and the use of additional broadband connections, in addition to MPLS (multi-protocol label switching), is raising security requirements. IT departments therefore face the challenge of finding a solution for WAN management that can meet core requirements in terms of security, management and user experience. 

Green’s SD-WAN service


Efficient use of bandwidth

  • Use of entire bandwidth available 
  • Use of cheaper broadband internet 
  • Local break-out at customer’s premises directly into the cloud 
Cloud with arrows

Cloud-based architecture

  • Simple expansion of hybrid and multiclouds 
  • Zero-touch commissioning 
  • Optimization of hybrid forms of work 
Data network development

Simple management

  • Centralization to simplify network management, modification and control 
  • Automation of operations and simplification of IT workflows with templates 
  • Detailed reports for analysis purposes as well as application and network optimization 
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Better security

  • Increased network security by encrypting the WAN data stream and network segmentation 
  • Endpoint security by using NGFW (next-generation firewall) 
  • Application-based guidelines 

Your benefits with SD-WAN


SD-WAN gives you independence from your service provider. 


Meet the challenges of tomorrow with the necessary agility, flexibility and efficiency. 


Performance enhancement

With SD-WAN, you use the optimal connection for each application. 

Cost efficiency

Helps you optimize operating costs through the use of various technologies. 


A cloud-based management dashboard allows you to keep tabs on and control over your network. 


Network security is increased thanks to different security elements. 

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