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Emil Frey switches one of its data centers to Green

Today’s digital age means a company of Emil Frey’s size needs a smoothly functioning high-tech infrastructure to be able to provide its market services to customers as efficiently and successfully as possible.

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The company

Emil Frey AG

Emil Frey AG is one of the largest car dealer groups in Europe, partnering with importer firms, car dealerships, financial service providers and logistics centers. The group is family-run, and is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2024. The company has 25,000 employees and oversees sales of around 50 of the world’s leading brands.


The Emil Frey philosophy is:

unrivaled quality, absolute customer focus, kindness and the best-trained staff.

Analog and digital perfection

Whenever we buy a car, the car itself is pure reality. We can touch it, feel it, “own” it. Its paintwork is flawless. The color is a treat for the eyes. The leather interior has that wonderful smell straight from the factory.

But the process of getting a new or pre-owned vehicle in front of us and being able to service it is a major feat of information technology logistics – everything from the manufacture of each single screw, engine part and chip to worldwide distribution, sales and service is completely digitalized.


The certified Business Continuity Management System at Green ensures seamless, high-level availability around the clock.


Challenges facing Emil Frey

The automotive sector is changing at a face pace. New drive systems, autonomous driving, digital assistants, diagnostics, just-in-time production, and new marketing and sales models all present new challenges. Everything is moving in new directions. The wheel never stops turning. And right at the heart of it all is the Emil Frey dealer group.

Car dealerships need uninterrupted IT availability

The actual cars we drive are the end product of the ultimate in IT performance, highly complex software and maximum computing power for the data volumes being processed. In this context, a company like Emil Frey AG relies on 100% secure, seamless availability around the clock – and that calls for highly secure, future-proof IT solutions.

For Gerhard Schürmann, CEO of the Emil Frey Group, this was one reason why the company outsourced one of its two in-house data centers to a state-of-the-art data center at Green. The main benefits of outsourcing are that security, availability, redundancy, scalability and updatability can all be improved.

Evidence-based choice, successful implementation

The decision to choose the Green data center didn’t just stem from factors such as expertise, price, performance, service, etc. Criteria such as Swissness, physical proximity and short distances also played their part, as did the two companies’ similar sustainability goals.

Gerhard Schürmann, CEO of the Emil Frey Group, and Marco Stadler, CSO of Green, both praised the smooth outsourcing process and remarked on the highly successful migration thanks to clear strategies and consistent lines of contact with teams and managers. The new dedicated cage in the Green data center with a redundant connection to the second location meets all of Emil Frey’s needs perfectly.

Digitalization is all about the human element 

One further reason for working with Green was the human element. Particularly in a highly digitalized technical environment, getting the chemistry right between partners is increasingly vital, as is a relationship based on trust right from the start and a positive sense of entering into a successful future together. The wonderful success of their collaboration means Emil Frey AG and Green view the future with confidence, and are committed to ensuring the digital infrastructure in the background continues to produce the best in real mobility solutions.

«In a highly digitalized technical environment, it is becoming increasingly important that the chemistry between the partners is right.»
Gerhard Schürmann, CEO Emil Frey Gruppe
Green Datacenter Cage
Emily Frey at Green

Scope of service

Green assessed which housing would best suit the customer’s needs and set up the dedicated cage:

  • Dedicated cage in the Green data center
  • Redundant fiber-optic connection of the data center locations (Datacenter Interconnect), with redundant routing of paths
  • Connectivity managed by Green

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